About 50 Peterborough residents from a wide cross section of the city gathered to explore this question recently: What If We Created a Local Living Economy Founded On Our Gifts and Personal Life Purposes?

Residents enjoy local food, sample Dialogues' possibilities

What happens when you bring together a cross section of the business community, political figures and local advocates and activists to discuss Peterborough, Ontario's Local Living Economy?

Katherine Loflin

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Growing up in the south, I have to agree that porches are a sanctuary. But as a placemaker, I have to acknowledge the role of porches as the critical intersection between home and the larger place.

Al Etmanski

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There is a warm line between you, your heroes and their mentors that unites memory and imagination. I witnessed this in 1995 at the first gathering of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute. John McKnight opened the gathering providing an overview of ABCD bedrock – asset focused; internally reliant and relationship driven.

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