Many vendors at the Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market accept Peterborough's local currency, the Kawartha Loon, which encourages sustainable economic activity within the community.

Small group seeding a local economic shift draws new interest

Whether it’s introducing the concept of a public trust or co-ordinating research into the economic ramifications of boosting our local food production by 25 per cent, a small group in Peterborough has been working well below the mainstream radar to seed a local economic shift. Their years of hard work are now at the centre of new discussions on the new economy.

John McKnight

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Increasing numbers of Americans are neighborless. They are, in reality, litle more than residents occupying a house in an anonymous place. They often admit that they really don’t know the people who live around them — except to say hello. It is a regretful admission, but in their view of no more consequence than failing to wash the windows of their house.

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