Living Your Activism
Kendra McLaughlin, Evangeline Hammond and Celine Chuang, three of the creators of Casapluma. They’ve made their Calgary home a community hub and resource, in the footsteps of Dorothy Day and Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way.
Community development that’s long-term, informal, unpredictable and alive

“I'm incredibly energized by the power of simple things,” Evangeline Hammond says. “ Soccer programs. Potlucks. Just sharing food.”

She’s not talking hypothetically. She's talking about the messy, hands-on, practical form of community development she and her roommates live every day, as the creators and residents of a community house called Casapluma.

David LePage

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I am starting to understand my continual aversion to the on-going efforts to “map social economy” or “map social enterprise.” And it may not be just my irrational, obstinate character.

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