Gathering in a circle around a shared intention. Ian Attridge helped open the Citizenship Unleashed gathering by evoking a sense of place. Participants placed thirty years of touchstones of citizen-led community-building around the centrepiece of the room.

A citizen-led gathering models and invites better ways for citizens to gather

PETERBOROUGH - What if we could change the way the community gathers to discuss and decide what matters? That was the intriguing invitation that brought more than 40 citizens of Peterborough, Ontario together earlier this month for a two-hour participatory evening called “Citizenship Unleashed.”

Katherine Loflin

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There are some advantages to having a person like me who is trained in social work on the placemaking scene. I admittedly don’t know as much about zoning, architecture, and the technical side of community planning as I do about the human element. I like to think my role as a leader in the field of placemaking is to keep the human side of place center stage. 

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