Sharing Best Ideas
The conference panel at Love the City did what the whole event did: bridged the faith and secular communities. Left to right: Darrell Howard (Vibrant Communities Calgary), Rev. Adrian Martens (Catholic Diocese of Calgary), Cliff Wiebe (The Mustard Seed), Brian Pincott (Councillor for Ward 11), Cesar Cala (Calgary United Way), and Lemlem Haile (City of Calgary Community and Neighbourhood Services). Photo: John Nguyen.
Making connections and pooling resources for a shared vision

How can we combat poverty and inequality in Calgary, right now? Spark. Equip. Connect.

Michelle Holliday

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I’m at the end of three head-spinningly rich days with Peter Pula, the founder and CEO of Axiom News. We’ve been exploring what he and his team mean by “Generative Journalism” and what more it might come to mean. The gist of our discussion has been that there’s tremendous power in aligning their work with the core characteristics of living systems. (After all, only life can truly be generative.)

Camille Jensen

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It was a simple interaction, but to me it spoke volumes about the awareness of employee ownership in Canada. An accountant sitting next to me on a plane asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I help companies design and implement employee share ownership plans (ESOPs).

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