Canada 300 actor Eloi Homier celebrates the anniversary of the Canadian Flag after performance in Iqaluit. Photo by Raychel Reimer.

'The best possible result is to awaken Canadians to their responsibility as citizens’

A series of theatre-inspired dialogues about Canada’s future that took place across the country last year is now bubbling into community action. “All over the country, grassroots initiatives have started as a result of these conversations,” Duncan McIntosh, project lead, tells Axiom News.

Joanne Ritter

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Recently, I was invited to engage in a fascinating online conversation about narrative and generative community. It really got me thinking.

Cormac Russell

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Society is often spoken of as if it has only two important dimensions; namely, individuals on the one hand and formal institutions on the other. What this map of civic space leaves out is everything in between: families, neighbours and friends, clubs, local business, faith communities and associations.

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    the focus on strengths at work, mentions of AI and systems design, all made me think of prev stories. :)
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    RT : My words follow me to the original art ... Something about bath water
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    Previous tweets from great interview by Frank Shushok with Peter Block:
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    "I want to live on an intimate level; I want the scale to be slow and small. I want depth over speed." Peter Block
  • 17 hours 43 min ago
    "The business perspective demands scale, and it says if it doesn't happen in the large, it doesn't count." Peter Block
  • 17 hours 45 min ago
    My words follow me to the original art ... Something about bath water
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    "Community is about interdependence...— to be quiet, to have time for each other, to not ever think 'I know who you are'." Peter Block
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    "What makes life interesting is its unknowability." Peter Block in great interview:
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    RT What if the purpose of education is for children to discover what they are good at?
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