Jovanna Soligo (left) and Rev. Julie Stoneberg of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough.

‘We're really excited about what's happening. This is distinctly different from anything we’ve done before.'

PETERBOROUGH - A Peterborough congregation's shift into new ways of gathering is sparking a whole new energy and connection, members are saying. "This is just the beginning, but it is an amazing beginning. We’re in a completely different place than we were one year ago," Jovanna Soligo, one of the members, says.

Ruth Glendinning

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Although it can be difficult to measure the value of non-monetary Community Wealth, it is not impossible. We can see and engage with these intangible elements of wealth whenever we enter our cornerstone community spaces: places of education, the corner store, and the spiritual centers, i.e., the mind, body and spirit of every community.

Sarah Arthurs

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Shalome Hope is a recent recipient of the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award in recognition of building bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Peoples. She was part of a group who shared their stories of involvement with child welfare through art.

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