Cheers to kindred spirits, generosity and local food. Peterborough residents (left to right) Peter Pula, Jocasta Boone and Carlotta James share a toast. (Photo: Ben Wolfe)

It’s hard to explain how something so basic can have such an impact on a person, a workplace, a community. But that’s exactly what this meal did.

Chris Corrigan

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Our (Art of Hosting) Beyond the Basics team is about to host our last gathering of the current cycle, back in North America. Over the past five Beyond the Basics offerings I have learned more than I feel like I’ve shared. I can feel that my practice has changed as a result of doing this work, and I’ve become interested in the way our team’s ideas and lessons from working at scale have begun to outline a form and practice of leadership that is needed in much of our work now.

Sarah Arthurs

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Peter Block is the author of Community: the Structure of Belonging and one of the leading thinkers about community development. We were very excited when Peter became a member of New Scoop last winter and recently asked him why he joined up.

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