The note on this Winnipeg statue of Gandhi reads "If you're cold, please take these.” Photo credit: Winnipeg citizen Greg Petzold. Originally posted to the citizen journalism project of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Community News Commons, this simple photo garnered a response from thousands of people all over the world.

Community News Commons a path to creating more compassionate responses to our complex world: Noah Erenberg

The broader community is at a crossroads of change; change in how we communicate, how we tell stories, how we gather, and most of all, how we include everyone in our community in this effort. So what’s a promising response to this crossroads?

Sarah Arthurs

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Earlier this week I was hiking Grotto Canyon with my daughter. We stumbled upon... (literally slid upon, as the trail was a river of ice, not to be recommended without ice cleats!) some pictographs on the canyon wall... surprising, lovely to find. There were no interpretative signs or warnings that this ancient artifact, this story from travellers long ago still remained in this wild unassuming place.

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