About 50 Peterborough residents from a wide cross section of the city gathered to explore this question recently: What If We Created a Local Living Economy Founded On Our Gifts and Personal Life Purposes?

Residents enjoy local food, sample Dialogues' possibilities

What happens when you bring together a cross section of the business community, political figures and local advocates and activists to discuss Peterborough, Ontario's Local Living Economy?

Michael Margolis

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I've been relatively quiet sharing on the personal front for the last few months. The reason why? I gave up the lease on my house, sold nearly all of my belongings, put the remainder in storage, and started driving north. Everything fits in two suitcases. Thus began my life as a Global Nomad.

Katherine Loflin

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Growing up in the south, I have to agree that porches are a sanctuary. But as a placemaker, I have to acknowledge the role of porches as the critical intersection between home and the larger place.

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