Building Resilience, Building Community

A lively moment in Peterborough’s recent history. The Ontario city is home to Canada’s first Transition Town, a grassroots, resilience-building initiative. Transition Town Peterborough is now the focus of a resilience research project by University of Dundee PhD student Christopher Lyon. Photo: Jocasta Boone.

Initiatives to build resilience enabling positive social transformation

Whether it’s the Scottish government’s top-down initiative to develop community resilience or the grassroots resilience-building initiative that is Transition Town Peterborough, as people come together to strengthen their community’s capacity to bounce back from or adapt to crises or changes, they’re changing how they relate to one another in a positive way.

Allan Reeve

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I don’t know much about Chaos Theory. Except that it is a theory that accounts for the random events that give theologians a headache trying to fit into their categories. And that Chaos Theory  pushes past the popular belief that “everything happens for a reason."

Omari Rush

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For new ideas to flourish, for innovations to truly take hold and change our communities, we hear all the time that we in Michigan need to connect and collaborate more and be more civil to each other. But how, exactly?

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