Mike Butler and Dan Benavidez get to know members of a neighbourhood during one of their walks for the Belonging Revolution that’s underway in Longmont, Colorado.

Neighbour walks raise consciousness of appreciation and caring

The road to revolution begins with a walk through the neighbourhood.

That’s what’s sparking for Mike Butler and Dan Benavidez as what they call “the Belonging Revolution” unfolds in their community of Longmont, Colorado.

Heather Plett

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"Sometimes helping is an act of violence.” That was one of many thought-provoking things Peter Block said in a talk I heard him give a few years ago. Really?! Helping as an act of violence? How could that be possible?

Deb Wisniewski

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Often, when you get together with a group of people interested in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), you find a conversation about the gifts of individuals and what communities can do for themselves. But what about institutions?

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