‘It’s an amazing thing that people really resist change, even if it’s in their best interest’

Creating the conditions for people to experience “a-ha” moments about new possibilities for their community’s future and how they might take ownership for enabling those possibilities can be a lonely and risky business. The work is rewarding, but it’s a subtle kind of reward — one you have to search for to see, trusting that it will ripple out into long-term, meaningful change.

Ben Wolfe

Our first 35 Peterborough Dialogues pioneers have laid a deep foundation for the work to come
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The first core Dialogue Series of the Peterborough Dialogues came to a close on Thursday and Saturday in a spirit of connection and celebration. A group of 35 of us took a 10-week journey together into a new model of change and community-building, and there is a sense in the group of having been on a shared secret adventure.

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