Michelle Strutzenberger

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There’s a pretty good chance those of us joining a call about the new economy this week had all the knowledge to instantly trigger a wholesale jump to the new economy
— if knowledge was all it took.

David LePage

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I am starting to understand my continual aversion to the on-going efforts to “map social economy” or “map social enterprise.” And it may not be just my irrational, obstinate character.

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Owning Our Future
Alternative ownership models – specifically, employee ownership and community-based ownership – can be surer paths for enabling businesses to serve life, says author and new economy thought leader Marjorie Kelly.
To create a different outcome, we need a different ownership design

In her 20 years of publishing about socially-responsible business and investing, author and new economy thought leader Marjorie Kelly has seen too often how well-meaning business people seeking to “do good things” find the ownership design of the business working against their intentions. This is especially the case with publicly traded companies.