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After a year of disheartening setbacks, many activists and change-makers may feel that the critical goal of transforming capitalism is slipping out of reach. Yet, having just returned from a four-week trip to many sites and gatherings working on social, economic, and spiritual renewal, I feel that the opposite is true. There are more fascinating and eye-opening examples of this transformation emerging worldwide than ever before.

Cormac Russell

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The Welfare State is an important extension of our human community’s capacity to care; not a replacement for it. Communities produce care (full-stop) and the systems or service world should simply be the support to that care where required, a resource to carers and not the source of care.

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The new economy movement in the US and internationally is gathering in Boston from June 7-9, for a pathfinding conference on business in alignment with community. Amy Klein and Maddie Phadke of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts welcome opening-day attendees to Local Sustainable Economies: Building Entrepreneurship & Community Resilience. (Follow the conference on Twitter at #aligningbusiness.)

Laury Hammel in conversation on sustainable business and local living econmies

No one person can ever embody a social movement. But if someone could, it might be Laury Hammel.