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Peter Pula, Founder & CEO

Peter Pula cites the Axiom News mission statement, "to co-create a life-giving news network for a renewed and thriving world," when asked about what excites him most about his work.

To this he adds the deeper impact the company is now having by hosting and facilitating community conversations, as part of an even more generative cycle of convening and storytelling. 

A pioneer of grassroots, community-engaged journalism Peter thrives on being at the intersection of organizational movements. "We get to see new things developing," he says. "There are fantastic, meaningful workplaces out there, based in trust and transparency, with a desire to make a difference." 

Their values and practices can lead to a new way ahead for society in general, and the voices of their team members need to be heard, worldwide. "Our intention is to bring their narratives out into the open."

In recent years, Peter has been heartened to see Generative Journalism — a practice created by Axiom News — become more accepted by mainstream media. In 2012 and 2014 he delivered Generative Journalism workshops in Europe, and in 2014 he addressed the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany.

"We become what we behold," Peter says. "Media has a tremendous impact, but all too often its worldview is critical, skeptical, degenerative. When mainstream media apply a more generative and constructive approach to their work it makes a huge difference."

As to working at Axiom, Peter says: "We starve our problems and feed our strengths and successes. When something goes differently than we would have liked we just take that as a nudge to do something differently. It’s like living in an oasis when you stay focused on what's working."

Contact Peter: peter(at)axiomnews.com.


Yvonne Hollandy, Graphic Designer, New Narrative Artist

Yvonne Hollandy has been immersed in generative dialogue and the new narrative arts with Axiom News since 2007. A 15-year professional background in graphic design, and a life-long love of the arts has provided a solid base for the emergent practices of graphic facilitation, sketch-noting and creative thinking.

She is most appreciative for the space to learn, connect and grow through her work, and looking forward to the infinite generative possibilities future connections will bring.

Contact Yvonne: yvonne(at)axiomnews.com.


Deron Hamel, Generative Journalist

Deron Hamel came to Axiom News with deep experience as a writer and advocacy journalist. He values the freedom he has found at Axiom to pursue his genuine interest in what people are doing. 

"It took me awhile to get accustomed to it. I'm empowered and trusted to find my own way. I invented my own role," he says.

"We have a supportive team and we can bounce ideas off of each other. I work best with a change of scenery, so I work from home and at the office. It's great."

In June 2012, Deron was honoured with Community Living Peterborough’s Media Award of Excellence for articles advocating for the rights of people with developmental disabilities. 

In 2013, Deron’s work with an advocacy agency for people with epilepsy drew attention to a serious medication shortage that put epilepsy sufferers at risk. Collaborating with the agency, he helped provide a communications strategy to alert the epilepsy community, with potentially lifesaving results.

In addition to his work at Axiom, Deron's writing has appeared in online and print publications in Canada, the United States and the UK, including CBC News, Sun Media, American Metal Market magazine and The Public Ledger.

"I would like to see Axiom News move into new sectors. I'd like to work with more companies doing innovative things," Deron says.

Contact Deron: deron(at)axiomnews.com.


Natalie Hamilton, Generative Journalist & Photojournalist

Natalie Hamilton recalls a quick turning point, just after she started at Axiom News.

"A long-term care home we write for suffered a tragedy with one of its residents. The CEO called us. We had stories up in a couple of hours before the mainstream press had a chance to respond.

"Our stories were a tribute to the resident and identified the transparency of the home in dealing with the situation."

"There is nothing like Axiom News out there," she says. "We teach organizations about themselves through the news and sometimes also help them handle tough times."

Natalie has richly enjoyed developing specialized knowledge in areas such as health care, and helping to educate clients and communities.

She also appreciates the opportunity to work both independently and as part of a supportive team with similar values.

Contact Natalie: 647-980-4278 or natalie(at)axiomnews.com.


Amber Pula, Videographer