Values Assessment Leads to Appreciative Thinking

Values Assessment Leads to Appreciative Thinking

Proven results from Appreciative Inquiry resonates with co-ordinator of community development

The Mills Community Support Corporation is undergoing a corporate values assessment workshop run by Joanne Daykin and Catherine McKenna from Innovation Partners International (IPI) to identify its defining principles to work on in 2012.

Jeff Mills, co-ordinator of community development for the Almonte-based Mills Corp., says the values workshop is like putting on the right footwear before taking a step in the right direction.

A list of keywords and values were analyzed by 120 staff members of the organization to select 10 which were personally important to them, 10 reflecting the organization as it currently stands, and 10 they would like to see the organization stand for in the future, says Jeff.

The data was collected and analyzed to show how in line the values of individuals working at the Mills are with where the organization presently stands, and how close it is to where staff members would like to see it in the future.

“It was enlightening because we’re not that far off,” says Jeff.

The values will be narrowed down to a list of five to be worked on going forward. One of the values that made the short list is appreciative thinking.

“That’s something we’re going to be adopting as a principle in how we do our work here at the Mills,” adds Jeff.

He says appreciative thinking is helping identify the way the organization wants to work, and he believes appreciative thinking is a “good first step.”

“I’m really excited about that,” he says, adding he took a four-day course in Appreciative Inquiry in preparation for his position of co-ordinator of community development with the Mills.

He says he came out of the training as “high as a kite,” and says the proven results from Appreciative Inquiry really resonate with him and others.

“For me, it wasn’t airy-fairy. It was scientific data, a lot of that, I find, resonates with people.”

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