Sustainable Solutions Leap Forward with Bullfrog Power Partnership

Sustainable Solutions Leap Forward with Bullfrog Power Partnership

Common vision shared to educate and engage business on renewable energy

A new avenue to support companies as stewards of the environment and good business is opening up.

The integrated real-estate services company Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada is recommending Bullfrog Power as a solution to reduce clients’ environmental impact and growing their sustainability initiatives.

“This is a new way of delivering value for our clients and corporate social responsibility that gives benefits that are sustainable in nature,” says Lorri Rowlandson, senior vice-president of the financial market unit and Strategic Solutions.

  Lorri Rowlandson of Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada (BJCC) says a new collaboration with the company’s longtime renewable energy provider, Bullfrog Power, embodies BJCC’s core value of living sustainably.

Anthony Santilli, Bullfrog Power’s vice-president of sales and marketing, says this new partnership agreement forms “another piece of the puzzle” in Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada’s core service offerings to help clients lower their carbon footprint.

“It’s a good strategic initiative in the sense that part of Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada’s mission and vision is helping customers become more sustainable and Bullfrog Power now is another tool for them in their solutions package,” Santilli says.

Bullfrog Power, in turn, aims to expand its reach as a provider of renewable energy, after launching in Canada about nine years ago.

Working with individuals and businesses to green their energy input, the company is looking to scale up and make renewable energy a common business practice.

“When Bullfrog grows, so does renewable energy in Canada. More demand for green energy means that we have to procure more supply by reinvesting in new renewable energy products in Canada. It’s a win-win for us, our customers, the Canadian environment and our air quality,” Santilli says.

He notes that part of both organizations’ missions is “to raise awareness, educating and engaging Canadians around the impact of energy choices.”

“We’re looking at events where we can pull together leaders and educate them about various sustainability solutions,” Santilli says. “There’s an educational component and together we believe we can help educate the Canadian marketplace.”

  Green electricity proivded by Bullfrog Power powered Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada's An Inspired Future forum, as indicated by this big-screen message during keynote speaker Jeremy Rifkin's address.

Bullfrog Power powered Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada’s third annual An Inspired Future forum, which brought together hundreds of business leaders and professionals on June 5 to catalyze change for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Collaborating with Bullfrog Power to generate awareness and engagement with renewable energy supports Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada’s core value of living sustainably, Rowlandson says.

“This is about giving back and raising visibility and continuing to educate,” she says.

A longtime customer of Bullfrog Power, Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada is excited about this new facet of their relationship.

“They’ve been great partners for us; they give us great educational material and high value that we can pass on to our clients, and we advocate them and support them,” Rowlandson says.

Santilli says Bullfrog Power is just as energized about partnering with a company he calls a leader in real estate management solutions and an early adopter of its program to green Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada’s own environmental footprint.

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