Host Peter Pula looks on as participants engage in an Open Space exercise during a recent Local-Indie Economy dialogue in Peterborough, Ont. (Photo: Yvonne Hollandy)

Stepping Toward Social Evolution
Taking a deep breath at Axiom News

After a couple of decades of doing things a certain way Axiom News is taking a great big in breath and waiting to see what comes.

At its peak the company employed 14 people and maintained offices in three Canadian cities. Serving 27 organizations, corporations and lobby groups by providing generative communications services the company was able to fund the ongoing news coverage presented at

While the desired connection between the clients the company served and the passion it held for stories of social evolution playing out in communities around the world didn’t come together, the Axiom News team had practice field enough to give birth to Generative Journalism.

After years of practice the team was ready to move on and make changes.

Not long ago Michelle Strutzenberger, the company’s leading curator and generative journalist serving the space stepped away from Axiom News to follow her long held dream to author children’s stories. The grace and energy emanating from Michelle in her new path is something beautiful to behold.

Her departure has marked a time to change the place Axiom News takes in the world and how it does its work.

Axiom News has developed deep knowledge through the founding of Generative Journalism, it has founded and sustained Peterborough Dialogues a local initiative in deep citizenship and social evolution and is contributor to the Generative Community, a paper to prepare the way for generative community building.

Two years of intense and pioneering work to bring together the arts of Generative Journalism and deep community-building dialogue have delivered powerful practices and insights.

It would appear the time has come for Axiom News to take a breath, integrate what has been learned, and share it with the world.

In the service of Social Evolution these practices will be shared and developed in and through community.

In the coming weeks, content on the Axiom News site will continue to be light with the exception of blog posts.


It certainly sounds like this is a metamorphic period of time within Axiom’s evolution, Peter. I have full confidence that in seeking this path you and Axiom will arise with exciting new directions, building on what has come before and welcoming that which is now forming on the horizon.

I am reminded of something the great Rollo May once wrote in one of my favourite books ‘The Courage to Create.’

 “Whereas moral courage is the righting of wrongs, creative courage, in contrast, is the discovering of new forms, new symbols, new patterns on which a new society can be built.”


Wishing you and the whole Axiom gang the courage to create that which is needed!