Socially-Driven Women Technology Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Socially-Driven Women Technology Entrepreneurs Collaborate

New partnership to grow positive change campaigns

A new partnership is bringing together two women-led organizations that have a lot in common, including their drive to use technology to create positive change.

Singlebrook Technology co-founder and CEO Elisa Miller-Out and Call2Action co-founder and CEO Charlotte Rademaekers met over a year ago through the Social Venture Network (SVN), of which they are both members.

Elisa Miller-Out

They soon discovered they are both technology entrepreneurs and CEOs of certified B Corporation (B Corp) businesses, which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Elisa says when she and Charlotte first connected it was a unique experience to meet another woman peer, as the technology programming world tends to be male-dominated.

Charlotte was looking for a technology team to work on her product, a widget called The Spark which ignites movements for social issue campaigns through its video, action and viral marketing tools.

Singlebrook Technology designs and develops mobile and web applications. Call2Action’s need for a technology team is what Singlebrook does, so a partnership was formed, says Elisa.

With a team of 12 designers and programmers, Singlebrook can help entrepreneurs who are in the early stages and need programming services to take their business to the next level, says Elisa.

Charlotte says what most excites her about collaborating with Elisa is feeling like she has a partner who is sympathetic to the mission.

“It’s not just hired hands, it’s people who are genuinely motivated by the same things and are looking at the world with that lens and helping to keep us thinking of innovations with this particular angle in mind,” says Charlotte.

Singlebrook has a special 20 per cent discount to B Corporation companies, and approximately 80 per cent of their clients are impact or mission-driven.

In addition to becoming a vendor for Call2Action, Singlebrook has an equity partnership through investing in the company.

Elisa says Call2Action can make a “huge difference” for many causes.

Charlotte Rademaekers

“It’s an amazing, innovative way of telling stories and being able to enable people to engage in causes in a much more immediate way,” she says.

Elisa says women bring a different perspective to the table, and are “naturally driven” to make a difference in the world.

“Bringing that energy to the technology world is really important now more than ever,” she tells Axiom News.

“I feel we need to get the story out there more about what women are doing in technology because there are actually a lot of us and the numbers are growing,” says Elisa.

Technology is a tool that can be used for anything, says Elisa. While it can be used for violence, there are many ways technology can make a positive difference in the world such as helping people with major missions scale their impact, saving people from natural disasters and locating people in disaster situations.

Elisa says she’d love to see more women entrepreneurs and programmers and notes they need women role models.

The partnership has been actively in place for more than a month, and Elisa says they will serve as Call2Action’s technology team for the immediate future and hopefully long-term.

“We hope we can really grow with this project,” she says.

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