Peterborough Congregation Embraces New Way of Gathering

Jovanna Soligo (left) and Rev. Julie Stoneberg of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough.

Peterborough Congregation Embraces New Way of Gathering

‘We're really excited about what's happening. This is distinctly different from anything we’ve done before.'

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PETERBOROUGH - A Peterborough congregation's shift into new ways of gathering is sparking a whole new energy and connection, members are saying. "This is just the beginning, but it is an amazing beginning. We’re in a completely different place than we were one year ago," Jovanna Soligo, one of the members, says.

The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough has been inspired to experiment with community dialogue and hosting in large part given its active engagement with the Peterborough Dialogues. About a dozen members have been taking part in the Peterborough Dialogues since its inception early last year, and these people are bringing what they’re learning around community dialogue and hosting back to the fellowship.

Peter Pula sat down recently with two fellowship members, Rev. Julie Stoneberg and Jovanna Soligo, to explore their community's journey into these new ways of gathering.

Julie has been the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough minister since 2007. Jovanna is the founder of Welcome Home, where she inspires people to “live from the heart of life by creating simple practices to move forward and ceremonies to celebrate and heal.” Peter is the founder and CEO of Axiom News. The Peterborough Dialogues is an initiative of Axiom News.

To listen to a podcast of their full conversation, click the SoundCloud audio link above.

The videos below capture tidbits of the dialogue.

Click here to read an edited and condensed transcription of the conversation.

Closer to the Great Turning
(1 minute)
Kindling the Magic
(45 seconds)
Enriching the Fabric of Community
(1 minute)
Shifting Perceptions of Reality
(1 minute)
A New Energy and Connection
(1 minute)
An Amazing Beginning
(1 minute)
‘This is Distinctly Different’
(34 seconds)
‘The Soul Doesn’t Want Advice’
(18 seconds)