One-of-a-kind Energy Company, ‘Misfit’ Join Forces

One-of-a-kind Energy Company, ‘Misfit’ Join Forces

Aim to change the world through leveraging the power of everyday consumption

The world we want to see is not going to be created from sacrifice but in harnessing the power of people’s everyday consumption. That’s a driving notion for both Andreas Souvaliotis and Sponsor Energy Inc., an Alberta-based, one-of-a-kind energy company. The two have just combined their energies to actualize their shared belief in the realm of energy consumption.

“I have always been a huge believer in the shared-value model,” Andreas tells the Enterprising Non-profits Canada news service. “We’re not going to make the world a better place by forcing people to consume less or donate more or live less. We’re going to change the world by finding ways to combine all this incredible energy that’s embedded in people’s lifestyles every day.”

  Andreas Souvaliotis

Founded less than a year ago, Sponsor Energy provides electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses across Canada. It then allocates half of its profits to a roster of 50 social change agencies with which it has now partnered. The business model enables customers to “use their power for good,” by selecting the charity of their choice to which Sponsor Energy’s profits will be donated.

Founder and CEO Carolyn Martin says while it might be debatable as to whether the organization can be termed a social enterprise — which depends on how one chooses to define social enterprise — the social component is “a very important part of what we do. That's why 50 per cent of our margins go to the charity that is chosen and 50 to our own organization, at no extra charge to the charity or to the customer."

Andreas brings a rich background in related work, as outlined in his recently published memoir Misfit: Changemaker with an Edge. Perhaps most notably, he was the founder and CEO of what is now Air Miles for Social Change, the world’s first national incentive program for responsible behaviour.

Today, Andreas contributes to a number of business, non-profit and academic boards across Canada. He is also the founder and executive chairman of Social Change Rewards, a new global venture in the space of responsible incentives. While his schedule is already jam-packed, he says he was compelled by Carolyn’s passion to say “yes” to her invitation to become a Sponsor Energy advisory board member. “It’s hard to say ‘no’ to people who are so energized and sophisticated and, frankly, have exceptional ideas,” he says.

“The beautiful thing about Sponsor Energy is it does exactly (what I believe in), “ Andreas adds. “It gives you the opportunity, without really having to change your life, to create some good impact — through the energy bills you pay every day anyway.

“People are going to turn on the lights in their homes anyway; they’re going to spend a lot of money on electricity anyway. Why not harness all that power and put it to good work?”

In his new role with Sponsor Energy, Andreas says he will be turning his attention to helping the company replicate its model, which he describes as having “beautiful legs.”

“There’s something so simple and so brilliant about it,” he says.

“I’d like to see (Sponsor Energy) become a leader in every energy deregulated market in Canada and then potentially well beyond Canada.”

To learn more about Sponsor Energy, click here.

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