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Canadians Score A- on Happiness, New Data Shows

An invitation for stories that add meaningful nuance to research

On average, most individuals in Canada are generally satisfied with their lives as a whole, research released this week reveals. On a scale of zero to 10, the average level of life satisfaction that participants identified was eight or about an A minus.

Establishing New Habits as a Community

Group in Salmon Arm, B.C. introducing cycle of community conversations

Salmon Arm, B.C. is showing what’s possible through moving away from the “great optimism” of the last century — the idea that if we could draw the most brilliant, rational people around us, we would arrive at some kind of utopia — to establishing what resident Erik Bjorgan is calling “new habits as a community.”

Belonging Revolution Giving Life to New Community Narrative

Neighbour walks raise consciousness of appreciation and caring

The road to revolution begins with a walk through the neighbourhood.

That’s what’s sparking for Mike Butler and Dan Benavidez as what they call “the Belonging Revolution” unfolds in their community of Longmont, Colorado.

Happy Communities Research Makes Case for Connecting with Your Neighbour

Evidence shows people who think they live in a good community are happier

After 15 years of intensive research into what makes for happy lives, John Helliwell is most energized by this theme – the power of the social compared to the material in making people happy.

Alberta Village Manifesting New Stories as it Intentionally Builds Social Capital

Residents experimenting with creating sustainable processes that foster deep inclusion

When a job placement required her to relocate to the Village of Delburne, Alberta 13 years ago, Laurie-Anne Lemmon decided she wouldn’t get involved in the community.

Resilience Researcher Noticing Shifts in Social Power

Initiatives to build resilience enabling positive social transformation

Whether it’s the Scottish government’s top-down initiative to develop community resilience or the grassroots resilience-building initiative that is Transition Town Peterborough, as people come together to strengthen their community’s capacity to bounce back from or adapt to crises or changes, they’re changing how they relate to one another in a positive way.

Friendship is Created When . . .

Skepticism. Hesitation. Hope. As participants in yesterday’s Peterborough Dialogues pre-launch lunch gathered these are some of the feelings they voiced. Once again, within 90 minutes new connections were made between strangers and new relationships were sparked. This video harvest shares the parting reflections of some of those who came out to play.

The Peterborough Dialogues: Kindred Spirits in Hope, Learning and Change

Axiom News gathered 25 creative local change-makers for three lunch conversations in late January, to explore a new media-making, learning and community-building project: The Peterborough Dialogues.

The third day's group found kindred spirits and deep connection among people whose main interests are as varied as environmental education, local business, anti-poverty work, storytelling and local food. Here are some of the reactions to that day. Videos from the first two days are here and here.

The Peterborough Dialogues are just weeks away from public launch. To stay up to date, join the mailing list at

To Reinvent Community as Citizens, We Need New Practices and Vehicles for Getting Stuff Done

Pre-launch gathering for Peterborough Dialogues surfaces key energy point

In the sun-dappled room of an unlikely Peterborough building, a small group of smart and caring residents laughed and cried and spoke with passion as they explored what it could mean for our city to be a “local, living oasis in a global storm of shifting sands.”

The Peterborough Dialogues: A Fresh Take on Media, Conversation and Citizenship

A dynamic group of guests involved in creative community-building work of all kinds joined Axiom News for three lunches from Jan. 21-23, 2015 to explore a new change-making project — The Peterborough Dialogues.

Here's some of the energy and insight from the second day.