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Small Win Seeds Hope for Community-led Change in Haida Gwaii

Northern B.C. islands on a discovery path of what it looks like to cultivate grassroots leadership

A place on the Masset Village shoreline that resident Joan Ewson took the lead in getting cleaned up several weeks ago is still litter-free. She’s so energized by this and how it happened that she’s about ready to tackle the rest of the shoreline.

New Data Confronts Canada’s Belonging Narrative

Community Foundations of Canada to make belonging a major focus of its work for next 3 years

Based on the findings of a report about belonging in Canada, the national network of Canada’s 191 community foundations, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), has stated it will make belonging a major focus of its work for the next three years.

What's Possible for Community Through the Arts?

Alberta communities begin journey of discovery

When 140 gigantic portraits of local residents were unfurled across the outside wall of a school last year, a shift began to occur in the village of Delburne, Alberta. As community members stopped to appreciate the portraits, the possibilities for new and deepened connections between them, new perspectives on each another and even new ways that they might work together began to come to life.

A Curation of Neighbourhood-strengthening Artifacts

New stories and tools to offer hope and ideas for creating thriving neighbourhoods

As generative media makers we love to receive and discover stories and tools that relate in some way to our deeper mission. This article illuminates some artifacts that have crossed our desks most recently and either energized us or made us curious or both. The tie that binds them all: the work and mission of strengthening neighbourhoods. Maybe one could think of this as a digital museum.

Creating a New Story in Lubicon Land

Site of infamous 2011 oil spill now a renewable energy waypoint

On another brilliantly sunny day in the northern Alberta hamlet of Little Buffalo, history was being made earlier this week. The home to about 500 people was abuzz with a kind of activity not seen there before – the installation of a brand-new 20.8-kilowatt solar panel system.

Friendship Centre Develops Social Enterprises to Enhance Lives

The prime purpose is to create employment for the urban aboriginal population that we serve: CEO Michael Colclough

Gifting is integral to the aboriginal culture, and aboriginal elders and others in B.C.’s Comox Valley are sharing the gift of their wisdom and culture so that members of the community can gain life-enriching knowledge, skills and supports.

Is Now the Time to Bring Alive Centuries-old Jubilee Concept?

Cincinnati group steps to edge of practicing radical Old Testament teaching on debt forgiveness

A group of leaders of diverse faith affiliations in Cincinnati has been gripped by a sense that the ongoing economic struggle of those on the margins has brought their city to an historic crossroads.

Community Bands Together to Create Own Solar Power

Effort sparked by asking, ‘What do we have to work with right here, right now?’

An exciting example of citizens banding together to take ownership of their collective well-being is coming to life in the remote, small town of Philippi, West Virginia.

Bringing Home the Best of Neighbourhood Connections

Peterborough conference goers try a collaborative experiment in knowledge sharing

A man enters the only store in a small town wanting to buy fishing bait. The merchant, perplexed, says he can oblige but suggests the man will find just what he needs outside by simply turning over some rocks.

The Third Paradigm for Local Government

Belgian municipalities experiment with new model for addressing resource constraints and creating a thriving community

In the municipalities of Olen and Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium, citizen demands are increasing and resources to meet those demands shrinking. In the face of these challenges, local government leaders are becoming more open to experimenting with the addition of a new paradigm to their current ways of working.