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Peterborough Neighbourhoods Connecting for Community

Dialogues moving quickly to what neighbours can do to create the community they desire

Neighbours in Peterborough, Ont. have been moving from isolation to community connection in a matter of hours. In small intimate groups they have been exploring their anxieties and fears and moving quickly to what they can do to create the neighbourhood and community they desire.

A ‘Revolution’ of Neighbourliness Spreading in Long Beach

Non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and equipping neighbours to connect

When Christina Ashley bought her first home in Long Beach, California a year ago, one of her desires was to have close relationships with her neighbours. She heard about a unique neighbourhood-connecting event, the Citywide Pumpkin Party, held each fall, and decided to partner with her neighbours next door to host one in their front yard.

Movements that Spread

And what they can do for us

“I believe movements do what no other vehicle or container can do — they influence and ultimately change people’s opinions, beliefs, habits and what they think,” Canadian social entrepreneur and author Al Etmanski said in a webinar he hosted on thinking and acting like a movement yesterday.

Citizenship Unleashed in Peterborough

A citizen-led gathering models and invites better ways for citizens to gather

PETERBOROUGH - What if we could change the way the community gathers to discuss and decide what matters? That was the intriguing invitation that brought more than 40 citizens of Peterborough, Ontario together earlier this month for a two-hour participatory evening called “Citizenship Unleashed.”

Texting Innovation Shows Promise for Engaging Communities

Texting-based ‘listening posts’ in New Orleans, Macon, drawing participation from unlikely neighbourhoods

A new community engagement platform intended to make it easier for community members to share their ideas, passions and concerns is experiencing early success in New Orleans, one of its pilot cities.

Experiencing the Magic of Paint Blots - and Other Art Forms - for Cultivating Community

Gathering on arts-based community tools weaves new, deep possibilities

A creative brainstorm about new possibilities for reducing poverty in Alberta drew its inspiration from brightly coloured paint blots. Participants were shocked by the depth and vitality of the conversation as a result of weaving the arts into community development work in this way.

Reimagining Our Community Post-election

What’s the next best question for building community and embracing accountability and commitment?

In the energetic wake of this year’s federal elections in Canada, a small group of Peterborough residents is asking what we as citizens can do to reimagine our community — across party lines.

Small Win Seeds Hope for Community-led Change in Haida Gwaii

Northern B.C. islands on a discovery path of what it looks like to cultivate grassroots leadership

A place on the Masset Village shoreline that resident Joan Ewson took the lead in getting cleaned up several weeks ago is still litter-free. She’s so energized by this and how it happened that she’s about ready to tackle the rest of the shoreline.

New Data Confronts Canada’s Belonging Narrative

Community Foundations of Canada to make belonging a major focus of its work for next 3 years

Based on the findings of a report about belonging in Canada, the national network of Canada’s 191 community foundations, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), has stated it will make belonging a major focus of its work for the next three years.

What's Possible for Community Through the Arts?

Alberta communities begin journey of discovery

When 140 gigantic portraits of local residents were unfurled across the outside wall of a school last year, a shift began to occur in the village of Delburne, Alberta. As community members stopped to appreciate the portraits, the possibilities for new and deepened connections between them, new perspectives on each another and even new ways that they might work together began to come to life.