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The Power of Collaborative AI Recognized

Culture change within long-term care organization turns heads internationally

A collaborative approach to organizational change can be likened to the growth rings on an Oak tree. It begins in the centre, barely visible, but with each new voice and each new believer in the process, the rings spread outward, creating a core of immeasurable strength.

Vancouver Community Builds on Strengths

Stories become richer, connections deeper, as more time is taken

The DalaiLama Center for Peace and Education, in partnership with a Vancouver service agency, is exploring how building on strengths in the community can contribute to raising children who are compassionate, confident and co-operative.

Appreciative Inquiry Adviser Transformed from Skeptic to Believer

Culture change is ‘attainable,’ says advisory team member

The power of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) helped transform a skeptic into a believer in less than a year.

Schlegel’s Results Speak to Power of Harnessing AI Approach

Axiom News writer witness to LTC provider’s changing landscape

Axiom News team member Kristian Partington says the positive results he’s seeing long-term care provider Schlegel Villages achieve by embracing the Appreciative Inquiry . . .

Axiom Team Member Recognized for Work in Inclusion Movement

Nomination for media award helps push the power of storytelling

For the second year in a row, Axiom News generative journalist Deron Hamel was nominated to receive Community Living Peterborough’s media award . . .

News Triggers Ideas-Sharing Between Long-Term Care Homes

OMNI home now using engaging hand-washing station at front entrance

It was a story in the OMNIway about long-term care home Almonte Country Haven using a state-of-the art hand-washing station at its front entrance that prompted sister home Rosebridge Manor to follow suit.

Vancouver Marks One-Year Anniversary of Fair Trade Town Certification

Councillor says she hopes movement spreads as city shows what’s possible

May 6, 2011 marked one full year for the city of Vancouver as a certified Fair Trade Town, a milestone that councillor Andrea Reimer says helps prove ethical purchasing choices are possible, not just from a personal perspective but from that of a large organization.

A Quest to Change Food Supply

B.C.’s largest food exchange redistributes food to people who need it most


New Book Provides 21 Strength-Based Workshops for Meaningful Engagement

Workshops offer simple entry points to discovering the power of Appreciative Inquiry