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Suburban Illinois Museum Honours and Celebrates Service Members; Educates Community

Through events that honour service members and educate the community, the Chicagoland Combined Veterans Museum, Library and Honor Roll is bridging the gap between the military and civilians.

Two Municipalities, One Voice: Non-profit Gives Stakeholders Say in Development

From new residential development to public art, The North Avenue District, Inc., a non-profit in Illinois’ Metropolitan Chicago Area, is ensuring everyone has a say in their community.

‘Surviving Together’: We Care 2 Agency Provides Metropolitan Chicago Holistic Cancer Support

As an entrepreneur and youth mentor, Kenya Johnson strengthened community bonds in Austin, one of Chicago, Illinois’s 77 community areas.

Quinn Center ‘a Catalyst’ for Community Development in Proviso Township

Designing programs and developing connections with other service providers, the Quinn Center of St. Eulalia has continued its mission of justice, health and peace for 10 years.

‘Joyous and Fun’: DePaul University Humanities Center Unites Public, Academia

For H. Peter Steeves, the curiosity that led to his career as the director of DePaul University’s Humanities Center and a DePaul University philosophy professor began in childhood.

Crossing Borders Between City and Suburb in Everyday Activists Exhibit

Tameka Wilson says she chose an internship with a non-profit, Arbor West Neighbors, to continue growing professionally and personally as she works toward a career in art therapy.

Documentary Examines Urban Farms as Sustainable Solution to Food Insecurity

Just Roots Chicago, an urban farm, has been helping Chicago Illinois's Bronzeville neighbourhood flourish since 2017, through food donations, education and Community Supported Agriculture programs where people can receive fresh produce while assisting the farm financially.

Mobile Museum of Tolerance Brings ‘Experiential Learning Opportunity’ to Illinois

An hour at the Mobile Museum of Tolerance (MMOT) can spark connections that last far longer, according to West40 ISC director of professional learning Suzy Dees.

A Lot Would Open Up If We Quit Over-Reaching

Eighty-five per cent of what determines our health is how associative we are: Cormac Russell

In nature, a nest is built by gathering many, many, many, many, small little bits and connecting them productively. Cormac Russell, author of Rekindling Democracy, says that at the heart of matters in our time is nesting.

Deeper Democracy the Antidote in Pandemic-Conscious Future

Things are not getting worse, they are getting clearer: Cormac Russell

Ever since members of the human race have commenced settlements and domesticated animals as a feature of organizing society, issues like COVID-19 have been present. Cormac Russell, author of Rekindling Democracy, says there has been at least a decade-long awareness that we would be contending with pandemics.