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What’s the Difference Between Sustainable and Thrivable Organizations?

Impact investor Christian Novak experiences an aha moment

When Christian Novak asked two CEOs how much money it costs to operate as a thrivable organization the response led to him experiencing an aha moment.

Gathering Explores How to Use Money to Serve Life

‘There’s a lot of work to be done . . . we are just starting to crack that boundary’

People are starting to talk about the relationship between thrivability and money, opening new possibilities and questions for exploration, says Julie Bourbonnais.

New Vancity Plan Aims to Enable Local Co-ops

Credit union three-year plan to build understanding of co-op business model

For the first time, Vancity credit union has made its strategic business plan available to the greater public. This gesture of publishing its 2014-16 plan — Accelerating Impact — marks a significant moment for expanding public knowledge and understanding of the co-operative model. Vancity ranks as the largest credit union in Canada.

100% ESOP ‘The Best Thing’ for The Gazette Company: Hillary Hughes

'It was a great time to reinvest in the company and expand the ownership'

Hillary Hughes recalls hearing from colleagues and other outside parties supporting The Gazette Company through its transaction to 100 percent Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that this was one of the most complex ESOP transaction they’d encountered in their careers.

Alberta’s Social Innovation Potential Amplified with New $1-billion Fund

Social Innovation Endowment is the largest social innovation fund in Canada

In a presentation last fall former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin highlighted the possibilities he sees in Alberta to be a leader in social innovation. Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter painted a similar picture of opportunity in a recent presentation in Calgary. Now there’s even stronger reason for their aspirational “forecasting” to be actualized, thanks to a new endowment fund designed to fuel social innovation, says Daniel Overall.

Will Sharing Pioneer the 'Asset-light Generation?'

April Rinne highlights growth of collaborative consumption in cross-Canada tour

April Rinne wants us to start talking about the collaborative economy. Even if you’re not sure what that means, chances are you’ve already participated in it.

Local Finance Gaining Traction in Alberta

Six Opportunity Development Co-ops formed, six more in the works

More people are investing locally in Alberta, thanks to a partnership of organizations providing leadership through an Unleashing Local Capital project.

Can Government Help Enable Social Innovation?

Kelowna entrepreneurs unite to talk shop, B.C. Minister asks how he can help

The Lower Mainland is typically dubbed B.C.’s hub for social innovation, so it’s not every day that government leaders attend meetings about innovation in smaller communities across the province. But when B.C. Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae joined a Feb. 5 convening in Kelowna, he expressed excitement about the innovation already happening and what community members can teach him about how the government can help.

Tough Engineering Problem Tackled by ‘Coopetition’

Participants around the globe compete to transform irrigation in Bihar, India

Last year, Greenpeace Innovation Lab waded into an open design challenge different from anything it’s done before.

Awards Intended to Build Global Community of Women Social Leaders

‘Women have to know they hold the power of positive influence in their hands’

Khalida Brohi runs Sughar Women, aiming to reduce honour killings, through providing socio-economic empowerment to tribal women in Pakistan.


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