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The Power of Collaborative AI Recognized

Culture change within long-term care organization turns heads internationally

A collaborative approach to organizational change can be likened to the growth rings on an Oak tree. It begins in the centre, barely visible, but with each new voice and each new believer in the process, the rings spread outward, creating a core of immeasurable strength.

Stories of Success Yield Energy, Hope, Ideas, Buy-in

Asheville, North Carolina community takes new path to creating a place where children thrive

With a big-picture goal of creating a community where all children thrive, an Asheville, North Carolina advocacy organization had great success recently with what is still a relatively uncommon approach in community development in the U.S.

Changing the Conversation of the Financial Planning Profession

Asking what’s best and what’s next, the ‘only way to move forward’

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) recently took a major step forward in shifting the culture of conversation within both the organization and the financial planning profession in general, say senior leaders.

Education activist digs into how we learn best

What was your most powerful personal experience in a learning community — regardless of whether that experience took place inside or outside of school?

How Being Democratic Aligns With Servant Leadership

WD-40 CEO Garry Ridge shares how the two leadership approaches complement one another

Garry Ridge says one of the greatest rewards a leader can receive is to see others become better than they were when the leader first touched them.

WD-40 Strives to Create Positive Lasting Memories

Company deliberately shifts to organizational democracy

Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 Company, says the most special aspect of being a democratic workplace is that people are truly valued.

Changing the Education Paradigm from the Industrial to Democratic Era

Conversations need to focus on the outcomes we want for our children: Chaltain

Sam Chaltain, writer and education activist, says when it comes to an education paradigm shift what’s needed is a move from the industrial era of schooling towards a not-yet-realized democratic era model of schools.

Unbind Innovation with Workplace Democracy, says Greenleaf Book Group

Successful publishing company practices participatory decision-making, open-book management

When Greenleaf Book Group was growing so fast it could only pay attention to its core service, it called upon workplace democracy to foster and enable innovative new products and services.

Appreciative Inquiry Summit Gets Results for B.C. School District

School District 60, Peace River North, opens forward-edge learning space

School superintendent Larry Espe admits he was somewhat worried an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) summit he'd spearheaded for his community might descend into nothing more than a feel-good, kum ba yah session. But the opening of a forward-edge learning space this fall is a powerful testament . . .

CEO speaks to benefits, challenges of a democratized workplace

Brian Robertson, president and CEO of Ternary Software, says working democratically can be linked to several successes for the company. The democratic approach also makes for a more challenging workplace, but in a way that can foster growth and reward as opposed to frustration and inaction, according to the CEO.