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The Power of Microfinance in Haiti

Nearly 57,000 families finding hope through Fonkoze

Leigh Carter has been working in the name of human rights and the alleviation of poverty through the principles of microcredit and social finance for nearly 20 years, so when she’s asked to describe her most powerful experience, she thinks in terms of recent memory.

CEO Gains Relationships, Inspiration at SVN

Network is unique and genuine, says Charlotte Rademaekers

Charlotte Rademaekers recently attended her third Social Venture Network (SVN) conference, and says each time she’s left with new relationships that support her business.

Paul Hawken Encourages People to Bring their Money Home

Local investment, business creates resilience, says author and environmentalist

VANCOUVER –  Attention all city dwellers, town folk and villagers, Paul Hawken has a message for you: It’s time to bring your money home.

Diversity at SVN Conference a ‘Turning Point’

Responsible business dialogue reaches across philosophical barriers, says Josh Knauer

The recent Social Venture Network (SVN) conference that convened 400 innovative impact entrepreneurs was a “turning point” because of the “excellent representation” of people from a variety of backgrounds, says event chair Josh Knauer.

Vancity Celebrates its Values with Paul Hawken Presentation

Public event marking credit union’s 65th anniversary to inspire thought leadership and action

When Paul Hawken gave the University of Portland’s 2009 commencement address, Elisabeth Geller printed out a copy, highlighted her favourite text, and posted the paper on her office wall.

ANDE Group Supports Women Entrepreneurs

Members share successful innovations

Growing interest in supporting women entrepreneurs sparked the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) to start a group for its global members who are working to make a difference.

How is The Dwyer Group Driving Social Change, Achieving Business Success?

CEO spreads word about the power of values and franchising

Last week was an exciting time for Dina Dwyer-Owens as she sat down with renowned leadership consultant Ken Blanchard to work on a book they’re co-authoring on leading by a suite of values she says have been at the root of her company’s success.

Opening Opportunities for Women to Innovate

Small changes can unlock large amounts of capital for women: Veronica Chau

Veronica Chau says supporting women entrepreneurship cultivates a source of solutions to major environmental and social challenges.

Haiti Partners Launching Social Business to Improve Education

Grameen Creative Lab working with seven schools to establish successful business plans

Haiti Partners, an organization committed to helping Haitians change the country through education, is working with Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) to develop social business that will improve access to quality education.

Ramping up Social Change by Bringing Together Society's Pillars

Owen Ward sees efficiency, optimal impact as the result

Asked about the greatest possibilities he sees in the social business sector, Air Miles for Social Change national director Owen Ward says he envisions more collaboration between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.