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Co-ops Provide Services from ‘Cradle to Grave’

Sector offers a different economic system, local capacity: Denyse Guy

During her adult life, Denyse Guy says she has been able to access services for all her basic needs through the co-operative sector.

Fonkoze’s Double Bottom Line in Haiti

From the rubble of devastation comes new protection for microfinance clients

Natalie Domond refers to the importance of working towards a double bottom line in business with Haiti’s largest microfinance organization, Fonkoze. There’s the financial line and the line drawn based on social impact — something she saw clearly in the rubble of the country in early 2010.

This Space: A Business for Community By Community

Two Vancouver business men develop unique crowd-sourced company

It could have been a taco bar, clothing shop, even a pet boutique. The type of business was unknown but what was clear was who would make the decision: the community.

Anticipating the International Year of Co-operatives

Upcoming Canadian Co-operative Association executive director shares her hopes for 2012

Denyse Guy has several hopes for the co-operative movement in 2012.

Landmark Partners with Natural Step on Sustainability Journey

One of Alberta’s largest builders and its quest for a greener world

In early 2009, Bijan Mannani was talking about work with his son, a Grade 3 student with a keen awareness of the physical environment around him. Bijan was working in Alberta’s oil and gas sector at the time and the controversial energy found in the northern oils sands was topical news.

Envisioning Every Business Being a Social Business

It's a hopeful time as social business movement builds momentum, says CEO

When Elisa Miller-Out was in college, socially-responsible businesses were a fringe movement.

Resilient Fund, Collabetition Launch at B.C. Innovation Summit

Province needs to be the incubator for social innovation in North America, says Christy Clark

VANCOUVER - Two new programs announced at the Non-Profit Partnerships Summit aim to put British Columbia on the map as North America’s leading catalyst for social innovation.

BizBox Creator Sees Community Renewal Possibilities

Innovative, mobile, solar-powered unit could entice more face-to-face discourse, says Charles Sidi

Charles Sidi says he can see the new mobile, solar-powered, office-sized unit he's created helping to build renewed and thriving local and global communities.

Social Business Judge Funds Student Plan

Fresh Oasis to bring produce to low-income neighbourhoods

As Grace Fricks listened to students outlining a business plan to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income Atlanta neighbourhoods, she knew she came to the right place.

Socially-Driven Women Technology Entrepreneurs Collaborate

New partnership to grow positive change campaigns

A new partnership is bringing together two women-led organizations that have a lot in common, including their drive to use technology to create positive change.