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Positive Journalist on a Mission

Leo Bormans proposes a measure of happiness for all is possible

Following one of his lectures on happiness, Leo Bormans recalls a teenage boy approaching him to say he’d discovered his calling in life as a result of listening to Leo: he wanted to be an optimist and could see this was entirely possible.

200 World Leaders Get Happiness Book

Happiness as government priority would shake up primacy of economic well-being, for one, says author

European Council chairman Herman Van Rompuy sent a significant message when he delivered an evidence-based book on happiness as a Christmas gift to 200 world leaders last year.

Consultant Working for the ‘Little Miracles' of Appreciative Inquiry

Sometimes our expectations are too high or mis-focused, and we throw away little jewels that can change lives: João Candido

While Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has proven a powerful tool to reshape government and business proceedings in the Brazilian state of Parana over the last 15 years, João Candido Pereira de Castro Neto says he mostly works for what he calls the “little miracles” it also yields.

Achieving Greater Independence through Social Enterprise

BC Aboriginal Friendship Centres adopt social purpose business model as top priority

When eight aboriginal people living in low-income housing received an opportunity from their Aboriginal Friendship Centre to paint their complex, they took on the job, gaining enough painting hours to become licensed. 

Appreciative Approach to Dementia Research is Truly Collaborative

Research project honours the gifts and strengths of those living with dementia

Near the end of a forum exploring collaborative, participatory approaches to changing views on dementia care — one that appreciates the gifts and strength of people living with dementia as much as anyone else’s — a professional told the audience how he’d changed through that one session.

Timing Right for International Year of Co-operatives, says Kathy Bardswick

CEO shares hope that co-ops re-connect with their pride

The United Nations declared 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) three years ago, and Kathy Bardswick says “we couldn’t have timed it better,” given the current public discussions around disengagement in the world.

Understanding Credit Unions’ Unique Offerings

Member ownership takes away conflict seen in other financial institutions, says Paul Kelly

One of Paul Kelly’s hopes for the International Year of Co-operatives is more understanding of the differences between mainstream financial institutions and credit unions.

Sri Lanka Trip Demonstrates Co-ops’ Impact

Wholesaling business started with credit union loan

When Paul Kelly thinks of someone who has been impacted by a co-operative, he recalls a story from his trip to Sri Lanka last year.

Al Gore Inspires Canadian Business to Reduce Carbon Footprint

BLJC president Gord Hicks says business can be a role model for society

Business leaders from sectors as diverse as oil and gas, education and banking gathered in Winnipeg recently for a breakfast that saw former vice-president of the United States and Nobel laureate Al Gore speak.

What's the Upcoming World AI Conference Looking Like?

Co-organizer provides overview

Philippe Belien expects the fast-approaching World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC) to be a provocative and energizing experience that also yields an abundance of useful take-aways.