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New Economy Thinking Rippling Out

Small group seeding a local economic shift draws new interest

Whether it’s introducing the concept of a public trust or co-ordinating research into the economic ramifications of boosting our local food production by 25 per cent, a small group in Peterborough has been working well below the mainstream radar to seed a local economic shift. Their years of hard work are now at the centre of new discussions on the new economy.

Local Livelihoods are Focus of New Economy Conversation

New dialogue series and media in the works

Expanding the realm of possibility for thriving local livelihoods and entrepreneurship is the main topic of discussion in a new economy circle that has emerged out of the Peterborough Dialogues.

How Small Communities Can Own Their Economic Future

What are the possibilities in social enterprise, social procurement?

After hearing Sandra Hamilton present on social enterprise and social procurement, members of the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce and a number of partner organizations have committed to working together to leverage these new tools to advance the social and economic development of their Vancouver Island town, population 8,000.

What if Marginalized Neighbourhoods Crafted Their Own Handmade, Place-based Economies?

Cincinnati one of several places reclaiming their economies through neighbourhood economics

From entrepreneurs in their 20s to established real estate developers, the diversity of people who joined the first few gatherings on neighbourhood economics in Cincinnati had an initiator of the effort, Peter Block, happily stunned.

Webinar Will Focus on Creating Lasting Social Change

Social change is important to social innovation, however, that change cannot be fleeting — it needs to last.

Employee Ownership Can Help Create a Generative Economy

To create a different outcome, we need a different ownership design

In her 20 years of publishing about socially-responsible business and investing, author and new economy thought leader Marjorie Kelly has seen too often how well-meaning business people seeking to “do good things” find the ownership design of the business working against their intentions. This is especially the case with publicly traded companies.

Appreciating the Alternative Economic Story

Louisville gathering to identify, connect and celebrate relational, community-oriented economy

A gathering in Louisville, Kentucky this week is intended to add to the work of changing the prevailing story of the economy.

The Real Winners in REAP Calgary’s Be Local Awards: the Community and Economy

Stephanie Jackman's vision is now a thriving ethical business network

When REAP Calgary’s second annual Be Local Awards are presented on November 19, there will be eight new winners — and they will be worthy of some special attention and respect. But these awards, much more than most, are part of a win-win process. The biggest winner may be the Calgary area community and economy.

Will Building Employee Ownership Strengthen Canada’s Entrepreneurial Base?

Unfolding stories of employee-owned companies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba point to possibilities

It was a frigid, early Saturday morning in January, 2013, when POS Bio-Sciences first gathered its staff to explore the possibility of becoming employee owned. Despite the timing and weather, more than 80 per cent of the Saskatchewan company’s 100-plus staff showed up. For CEO and president Dale Kelly, that was a strong indicator of where the conversation would lead.

Groundwork Laid for Executing Canada’s Buy Social Brand at the Regional Level

Regional pioneers share their passion, intentions, hopes

A small social enterprise in Nova Scotia that employs people who have a disability has just doubled its capacity to make a difference, thanks to a new contract with a major corporation. For the corporation, the contract is miniscule compared to its overall revenues. But for the social enterprise, the additional revenues have the potential to enable a complete transformation.