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New Social Enterprise to Support Canadian Centre for International Justice

The Philippe Kirsch Institute will help lawyers fulfil Continuing Legal Education requirements

It was a blend of excitement about the possibilities and growing concern about the challenges with regards to the long-term financial sustainability of the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) that first sparked Jayne Stoyles’ interest in exploring social enterprise.

CCA and CCCM say Their Unity will Forward Canadian Co-op Movement

‘The more united we are among co-ops in this country, the stronger and more influential we will be’

What’s the best thing that can happen from the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) and the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité (CCCM) forming a new organization? If you ask Donna Balkan, it’s all about a unified organization being stronger than either individual organization on its own.

Marketing a Must for Social Enterprise, says Inner City Renovations Founder

Promoting quality work, dependable service as important as social mission

Lagging sales helped Inner City Renovations founder Marty Donkervoort realize that social businesses shouldn't rely on their social mission as the driving force that attracts clients. This understanding transformed his social enterprise into a multimillion dollar company.

In Flood Aftermath, a Wave of Support from Canadian Credit Unions, Co-ops

First Calgary Financial grants 30 days relief from mortgage, car and personal loan payments as well as interest payment forgiveness

With about 3,000 of First Calgary Financial’s members living in areas of southern Alberta affected by the recent flooding in the province, the credit union didn’t hesitate to provide financial relief assistance so those impacted can focus on helping their families, friends and neighbours.

Calgary Co-op Working Hard in Flood-relief Effort

Response is reflective of what co-ops are all about, says manager Karen Allan

The Calgary Co-operative Association (Calgary Co-op) has been living the co-operative spirit since severe flooding struck southern Alberta in late June.

Skatepark Social Enterprise at Heart of Scotland Community’s Well-being

Factory Skatepark has created 37 permanent jobs in Dundee
It started as an atypical faith-based organization in Dundee, Scotland trying to connect with young people passionate about skating 15 years ago. The youth and their adult supporters would camp out in old buildings, either legally or illegally, turning them into impromptu skateparks.

Calgary Building Supplies Social Enterprise Hits $1.7M in Sales

ReStore shrinking public’s environmental footprint, breaking poverty cycle

Heidi Lambie, her husband and teenage daughter flew from Alberta to Costa Rica this past Easter break for what Heidi describes as a “life-changing experience” — working with Habitat for Humanity to construct a home for a struggling family.

Documentary Could be ‘Spark’ to Get People Thinking About Worker Co-ops

Calgary orgs host screening of Shift Change

A 2012 documentary film about worker co-operatives that will be showing in Calgary, Alta. June 24 could be an effective tool to get people thinking about worker co-operatives, says Hazel Corcoran, executive director of the Calgary-based Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF).

Canada to Host Social Enterprise World Forum

It's a pivotal time for forum, says Trico director

These are some of the pressures social enterprise is tackling: changing demographics, poverty, declining government revenue, crime and environmental sustainability.

Best for World can also be Good for Business

Saul Good Gift Co. named Best for the Environment by B Corp

Before starting his own business, Saul Brown was a student in environmental sciences, learning about the interconnected problems of overpopulation, climate change and water scarcity. In his late twenties at the time, Saul recalls a lot of discussion about “how messed up” everything was, but not a lot of discussion on what people could do.


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