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Bringing Participatory Process to Peterborough

MP's town halls are flirting with new ways of inviting citizens into ownership of their future

PETERBOROUGH - Canadian Federal Member of Parliament Maryam Monsef’s recent community gatherings in her Peterborough-Kawartha riding are modelling new forms of participatory process and citizen leadership. “I see citizens taking ownership of the question,” Maryam said, as over 120 citizens engaged in intimate conversations in circles of three at a January 11 town hall on jobs and the economy.

Declaring a State of Emergence in Belgium

‘Yes, we have emergencies, but let’s declare a state of emergence:’ Jean-Louis Lamboray

Trapped in the snarl of traffic in Lille near the Belgian border due to new security measures a few days ago, Jean-Louis Lamboray lit up when his Spanish-speaking friend’s slip of the tongue cast the situation in a whole new light as she called it a “state of emergence.”

Iqaluit Social Enterprise Discovering Abundance in Scarcity

Inclusion Café thrives on strong community partnerships

An Iqaluit, Nunavut social enterprise is demonstrating what’s possible through seeking abundance in the midst of apparent scarcity ­— both in its community and in the people it exists to support.

Employment Social Enterprises Hold Seeds of a Preferred New Economy

Beautiful language is surfacing worldwide for a preferred new economy upon which to build society. Gift economy; sacred economy; sharing economy; local, living economy; and compassionate economy are among the exciting and promising newer words and concepts.

Wow, Cumberland? Maybe the Time is Right

Small B.C. municipality leads way in signalling commitment to social purchasing; next stop, Vancouver

What may seem like an unlikely municipality, Cumberland, B.C., has taken a leadership step forward in Canada’s social enterprise/innovation realm.

Relationships Feed Resilience of Local Food System

Imagine what a conversation can bring: the understanding that could be gained, the connections made, the strengthening of relationships that could develop when we take the time to inquire about the food we eat and where it comes from.

Staying Centred on Mission Amid Social Enterprise Hype

What's working for Eden Full: Cutting the noise, leaning on others, radical transparency

One of the challenges of working in the dynamic social entrepreneur culture is that of staying mission-centred. Twenty-three-year-old social entrepreneur Eden Full is all too aware of this.

Food and Dialogue Give Life to Peterborough’s Local Living Economy

Residents enjoy local food, sample Dialogues' possibilities

What happens when you bring together a cross section of the business community, political figures and local advocates and activists to discuss Peterborough, Ontario's Local Living Economy?

New Economy Thinking Rippling Out

Small group seeding a local economic shift draws new interest

Whether it’s introducing the concept of a public trust or co-ordinating research into the economic ramifications of boosting our local food production by 25 per cent, a small group in Peterborough has been working well below the mainstream radar to seed a local economic shift. Their years of hard work are now at the centre of new discussions on the new economy.

Local Livelihoods are Focus of New Economy Conversation

New dialogue series and media in the works

Expanding the realm of possibility for thriving local livelihoods and entrepreneurship is the main topic of discussion in a new economy circle that has emerged out of the Peterborough Dialogues.


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