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David Cooperrider, Co-Creator of Appreciative Inquiry, Honoured With a Centre in His Name

AI has had deep influence on Generative Journalism as practiced by Axiom News

David Cooperrider, known internationally as a co-creator of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, was honoured in a unique and lasting way this week for his contributions to the field of organizational development, change and leadership. The David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry was officially opened on Nov. 8 at a ceremony at the Stiller School of Business of Champlain College, in Burlington, Vt.

Inspired by the Promise in Generative Journalism

New Scoop founders drawn to news that “catalyzes strengths, enables change”

While a mix of factors is drawing New Scoop’s founding members together, the promise they see in Generative Journalism is a key attractor.

Building Calgary’s Social Economy – One Generative News Story at a Time

New Scoop news co-op invites people to Oct. 3 engagement event

Can a new approach to news help build Calgary’s social economy? As someone deeply engaged in the area of social entrepreneurship, Mark Durieux sees tremendous possibility for this.

Session Looks to Inspire, Connect Editors Around Community Engagement

ASNE, Journalism That Matters project will share insights, invite others to get involved

As news editors from across the country convene next week, those involved in hosting a session on Growing Audience through Engaging Communities hope to see attendees inspired by experiments from their colleagues and motivated to try new ways of getting involved in their communities. 

‘There is a Business Case’ for Diversity in Media: Roberto Quiñones

Changing demographics need to be reflected in news organizations

The efforts happening in journalism to embrace diversity are not unique to the field and there are business reasons why the issue is pressing, says Roberto Quiñones.

VIDEO: Community-Building Workshop Creates Personal Connections, Explores Media’s Role

Participants at a Global Media Forum workshop experienced a taste of community building through small group discussions that fostered deep connections between them.

Salmon Arm Radio Journalist Reinvigorated about Community’s Future

Journalist, non-profit launch community radio program to feature stories of local immigrants

As a journalist, Leah Shaw was just supposed to be reporting on a Salmon Arm community conversation in early March. But she’s now at the centre of a new effort that emerged out of that — and feeling reinvigorated about how her gifts can help shape her community’s preferred future.

Newspaper Series Brings Sensitivities to Light

Handling sensitive content, navigating new relationships among challenges

Unite Rochester ran a couple of stories in June around a flashpoint issue: people part of a Bhutanese and Nepalese refugee community feeling targeted and preyed on by African-Americans expressed mounting anger that was about to hit a breaking point.

Editorial ‘Listening Tours’ Engage Community in Creating Change

‘I don’t know if we can ever declare victory, but the train has left the station’

When the editorial board at the Democrat and Chronicle embarked on hosting “listening tours” — encouraging readers to attend various meetings and discuss community issues related to race and poverty — initially only a handful of people showed up.

Newspaper and Coalition Bringing Information, Energy to Racial Equity

‘We are having the kinds of conversations that we dreamed of having’

When Kate Bennett was on the golf course last week, a woman asked what she can do to help Rochester’s effort to create awareness and positive dialogue around racial inequity.