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The above shows a portion of visual notes taken by Yvonne Hollandy during the media makers' gathering.

How Do You Connect With and Express Your Deepest Story?

On a foundation of friendship and trust, a small media makers’ circle decided to venture further into experiencing what we’d been flirting with for the past several months — the art and essence of Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts.

This decision struggled to life through some tension as one group member put forward the idea and then pushed for it to happen while others hesitated, seeking more clarity, understanding, a kind of road map.

  “We got to see each other in the room in a new way, got to understand a craft in a new way, got to ‘be’ in a new way.”
— Jocasta Boone

And then, testament again to the trust and possibility orientation in the room, everyone leaned in to the invitation — and started writing generative questions, in three minutes, on whatever theme felt most alive.

As these questions – all emanating from an intention to discover gifts and create the conditions for the new to be born — came alive in the room, a deep kind of energy and sensing into new possibilities began to surge.

“What resulted was nothing short of magical,” Jocasta Boone writes. “Beautiful provocative questions sparked insightful, heartfelt answers. We got to see each other in the room in a new way, got to understand a craft in a new way, got to ‘be’ in a new way.”

In a way, the experience was a direct answer to one of the questions that surfaced: How do you connect with and express and/or discover the story of your soul or essence?

The discovery, connection to, expression of our deepest stories comes in relationship, in partnership with one another, Peter Pula said.

It happens as we are present for one another.

  We find meaning and direction for our lives in part through how we're reflected back from others.

It happens as we ask into what we see in one another.

It comes through truly knowing our questions, and also knowing and sensing the spirit of another and of the moment.

In other words, we find meaning and direction for our lives in part through how we're reflected back from others.

That’s a sense that has been deepening for me over the last little while, and the experience with this circle only added to that depth.

Imagine if we all took a generative stance in all of our exchanges with one another, Generative Journalist or not. What abundance of magnificent stories touching on the very essence of our beings might come to life in the world? And how might the oasis moments of the kind our circle experienced grow further and wider?

Now that’s an inquiry/adventure/experiment I want to leap into.

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