Peterborough resident and music maker Luke LeeBurton is interviewed by Axiom News generative journalist Michelle Strutzenberger in the tree he’d just been occupying as part of a community ceremony.

Going Out on a Limb for a Generative Story
Playfulness and co-creating our community’s new narrative

Co-creating our community’s new narrative should have some element of playfulness. That’s the energy that’s swirling after a number of Axiom News team members participated in some artful, fun and serious community gatherings this past week — and gamely tried a few new and playful things in the process.

It started with Ben Wolfe engaging in a conversation on camera with a local photographer, Esther Vincent, while standing — and ultimately splashing — in a local creek. (You can watch that video here).

Then Amber Pula swung by a local-food chef competition with her iPhone, posed a question of a few participants and in less than two hours had created a lively video clip that’s since gotten all kinds of social media uptake. (You can watch that video here).

Last weekend, Michelle Strutzenberger enthusiastically took up the invitation to chat with local music maker Luke LeeBurton in the tree he’d just been occupying as part of a beautiful, connecting community ceremony.

As a generative media making crew, we’re learning all kinds of things as we follow our intent to discover and illuminate a new narrative for this place. Lots of times, that learning is coming as we follow our energy and intuition, get out into community, see what’s coming up, follow our energy and intuition again — and just try stuff.

The video interview with Luke in the tree can be viewed below.

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