Epic Business Prize Dream Shared at UN Venue

Epic Business Prize Dream Shared at UN Venue

David Cooperrider calls for ‘urgent optimism’ around business as positive force for a better world

Sweden needs to import garbage to sustain a power plant run on waste. David Cooperrider says this captures our age and that we have a “once-in-civilization” opportunity.

The acclaimed founder of Appreciative Inquiry and Fairmount Minerals professor of social entrepreneurship brought this message to TEDxUNPlaza at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

  David Cooperrider presenting at TEDxUNPlaza.

Amongst the “once-in-a-civilization” opportunities David highlights is the “more than Nobel-like prizing” effort for business he’s spearheading in collaboration with The Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

The prizing dream rises from the conviction that business is “one of the most positive forces for a better world.”

David tells the story of Israeli businessman Stef Wertheimer’s desert hub of residences, art centers, schools and an entrepreneurial think tank, all based on Arab/Jewish co-existence and co-ownership. Stef’s effort is a powerful demonstration of the bona fide power of business to be a force for tremendous benefit, he said.

“We need to create the world’s finest platform that elevates these human strengths around the world; that connects and combines; that creates what we might call urgent optimism, not blind optimism, but urgent optimism; that spreads these epic, meaning-making kinds of stories,” David said.

“My vision is that we circle the planet with a kind of appreciative intelligence to lift up the best of the best of the best.”

  David at TEDxUNPlaza with Lebo M, creator of The Lion
King's Circle of Life soundtrack and Jack Andraka, a
15-year-old inventor of a new, groundbreaking pancreatic
cancer test.

Joining David at the New York venue were climate change expert Sir Robert Swan, Albert Einstein Technology Medal winner Naveen Jain, rising teen science whiz kid Jack Andraka and gold medal winning Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann, amongst others.

All are people who have used courage to “disrupt industries, challenge norms, animate movies, combat complexity in policy, and design new structures for a better world,” TEDxUNPlaza curators Eiso Vaandrager and Kunal Sood state in a press release.

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