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Could Throwing a Better Party Shift the System? — Kiu Coates


People do not need help. They need justice. That means access to the resources that affords them the same level of authority and power as those inside institutions. It’s time to bring an end to the time of ‘doing for’ and move into ‘doing with’. For Kiu Coates, that means throwing a better party.

Kiu is a facilitator with the Social Gastronomy Movement who is part of cultivating an emerging social architecture, one that creates a system for ‘doing with.’ That architecture, along with practices for convening and encouraging possibility, puts lived experience at the centre. He even makes the case that engaging and hiring people with lived experience is not a moral argument, but a practical one. Who better to engage than someone with direct, lived experience with the questions at hand?

Kiu shares insights he’s garnered along the way. He speaks with fierceness about transcending conventional institutional practices and the joy to be found in doing so.

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I'm so happy. This was so good. Your podcast is "it" for now. I found it last year googling Cormac Russell and thought you had stopped. And suddenly saw on Spotify new episodes. And heard Jeff Evans and now Kiu Coates. So glad you made more. So glad.