A Call for Unreasonable Entrepreneurs

A Call for Unreasonable Entrepreneurs

High-impact entrepreneurs invited to apply for 2012 mentor-accelerator program

The Unreasonable Institute is open for applications to its third annual six-week mentorship and training program for entrepreneurs tackling social and environmental needs.

The mentor-accelerator program provides 25 winners the opportunity to live and work together for six weeks in Boulder, Colo., where they learn from world-class mentors such as HP CTO Phil McKinney, Natural Capitalism Solutions president Hunter Lovins and Windhorse International founder Paul Polak.

“Our goal is to arm these entrepreneurs with mentorship, capital, and one hell of a network so their ventures can scale to improve at least one million lives . . . and do that while making a profit,” said Unreasonable Institute founding president Daniel Epstein in a news release.

The Unreasonable Institute fellows live with portfolio managers from 20 major investment funds, such as Acumen Fund and Good Capital. At a variety of events Unreasonable fellows pitch 100 prospective funders and more than 600 potential partners and supporters.

Tyler Hartung, vice-president of finance and operations, said more than 1,200 entrepreneurs from 70-plus countries began applications this past year, of which 301 continued through the rigorous written application.

Fifty finalists were chosen from interviews and went through the challenge to each raise $10,000 — the cost of the Unreasonable Institute — through an online marketplace.

“We want this to be the ultimate test of entrepreneurial mettle,” said Hartung.

Entrepreneurs need to get 100 people to sponsor them, proving they are serious about attending the Unreasonable Institute, he added.

The first 25 people to raise the funds are accepted into the program.

Donna Morton, CEO and co-founder of First Power, was a 2011 Unreasonable Institute fellow. She told Axiom News the Unreasonable Institute has uniquely “built a container that remarkably invites people from around the world to help build each other” in the social entrepreneurship space.

Morton called the experience a “life-changing opportunity,” with mentors willing to jump in, roll up their sleeves and support the entrepreneurs.

“My personal level of hope has never been higher because of the time I spent at the Unreasonable Institute,” says Morton. “I think I saw the world reinventing itself in that house.”

Entrepreneurs have until Nov. 10, 2011, to submit their written applications. The finalist marketplace will launch Jan. 5. Visit http://unreasonableinstitute.org to learn more.

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