A visual harvest of a Jan. 11 town hall on jobs and the local economy hosted by Member of Parliament Maryam Monsef in her Peterborough-Kawartha riding. Illustration by Axiom News team member Yvonne Hollandy. (See full illustration here).

Bringing Participatory Process to Peterborough
MP's town halls are flirting with new ways of inviting citizens into ownership of their future

Canadian Federal Member of Parliament Maryam Monsef’s recent community gatherings in her Peterborough-Kawartha riding are modelling new forms of participatory process and citizen leadership. “I see citizens taking ownership of the question,” Maryam said, as over 120 citizens engaged in intimate conversations in circles of three at a January 11 town hall on jobs and the economy.

Peter Pula, cofounder and CEO of Axiom News, spoke with Maryam as the gathering wrapped up. The video below captures some of their conversation.

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