TINY HOMES WC Apr 4 2023

Graphic reflections from the Apr. 4 Tiny Homes Working Circle sketched live during the gathering by Yvonne Hollandy. Click here to see a larger version.

Brantford Citizen-Led Housing Initiative Births New Circles
As first build approaches new ‘inner-working’ circles in finance, design, matching, and engagement are born

The most recent citizen-led Tiny Homes Working Circle in Brantford, Ont. saw the creation of new, smaller working groups, all aimed at helping carry the pilot project to build two tiny homes in the city through to fruition.

This feisty and persistent community movement is unfolding in natural step with the gifts and talents its members are bringing.

As the movement has been developing, and its members express their interests and offer their gifts, the working circle has been shifting its form to support them.

  As the movement has been developing, and its members express their interests and offer their gifts, the working circle has been shifting its form to support them.

Each group created during the April 4 conversation has a different focus. One group is focusing on financing, another at floorplans and designs, and another, aims at developing ways to best match residents with each new home.

A fourth group in the offing will focus on community engagement.

The working circle welcomed new members, from local organizations and the city, who are bringing unique skills and knowledge into the mix.

Working circle members were stepping forward with offers in each of four areas of interest.

One person suggested organizing a music festival with proceeds going towards the construction of the two tiny homes. This member has experience organizing similar fundraisers and offered their talents to help make an event possible.

A member of the design group has a wealth of experience in carpentry and has offered their services to help with the builds. This member also owns property and said they might be interested in providing another space for a tiny home.

The matching group included one of the new working circle members who works for an organization that helps find housing for people, so this was a natural fit. This circle is intent on exploring all possibilities that might arise in finding a right fit between resident and any home that might be built.

In recent weeks, the Tiny Homes Working Circle has moved closer to its goal of building two tiny homes on a property owned by a Brantford nonprofit affordable home provider.

This property is one of 83 the nonprofit owns. The Brantford tiny-home project is planning to build a one-bed unit and a two-bed unit on one of those properties as a first project. The group aims to build community capacity along the way to support a variety of ways of going about building tiny homes and accessory dwellings as a community response to housing shortages.

Drawings are being prepared for the first two homes for sharing at an upcoming working circle.

The working circle meets every two weeks. New members interested in any of the four ‘inner-working’ circles are always welcome. All circles will meet at the same time, via Zoom, in breakout rooms.


Get Involved!

If you have interest in joining this tiny home project in Brantford, Ontario, experience in building them, funds or spaces to offer or help access, or if you simply wish to know more, please contact Jocelyn at jocelynbirkes@clbrant.com.


Tiny Homes Initiative In Pictures

Follow the journey of the citizen-led Tiny Homes imitative in Brantford, Ontario via this Flickr album featuring graphic reflections from each gathering by Yvonne Hollandy.

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