Archive - October 2020

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Things are not getting worse, they are getting clearer: Cormac Russell

Ever since members of the human race have commenced settlements and domesticated animals as a feature of organizing society, issues like COVID-19 have been present. Cormac Russell, author of Rekindling Democracy, says there has been at least a decade-long awareness that we would be contending with pandemics.

Story by story we thicken the rope: Mara Spruyt

The conversations we have, the stories we collect, one by one, thicken the rope we walk on into the future, says Mara Spruyt, organizational journalist with Kessels and Smit.

Organizational development consultant party to coining a new term: GOJO

It is people who make an organization. It is people who start initiatives inside their organizations. They should have a podium to give their stories back into the whole organization so other people can connect to those stories and grow together, says Derk van der Pol, and organizational journalist with Kessels and Smit.