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Initiative to accelerate and bloom Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts lands on clarifying question

As things continue to move forward around accelerating and blooming Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts, a conversation amongst a core team yesterday ran into the prickly question of how much energy to put into engaging those with diverse worldviews.

What’s the next best question for building community and embracing accountability and commitment?

In the energetic wake of this year’s federal elections in Canada, a small group of Peterborough residents is asking what we as citizens can do to reimagine our community — across party lines.

Gathering centred on how communities, journalists can thrive together igniting new connections, possibilities

An energy for discovering and bringing to life journalism’s deeper promise is still pulsing days after a gathering in Portland, Oregon, inspiring participants to new connections and possibilities.

“My hope has been renewed,” says Renee Mitchell, admitting she had long bought into the pessimist view that journalism was basically a dying industry, gasping for its last breath, which “deeply saddened her.”

“But I now recognize that what is bubbling up in the void between what was and what is coming is not new journalism but next journalism, where the possibilities are endless on how to use technology to tell stories that build, empower and inspire community. That’s what’s so exciting for me.”

Possibilities for impact highlighted through co-housing success

The willingness of half a dozen people to join the New Scoop interim board is one indication of the appetite for an alternative news platform in Calgary.

Northern B.C. islands on a discovery path of what it looks like to cultivate grassroots leadership

A place on the Masset Village shoreline that resident Joan Ewson took the lead in getting cleaned up several weeks ago is still litter-free. She’s so energized by this and how it happened that she’s about ready to tackle the rest of the shoreline.

Community Foundations of Canada to make belonging a major focus of its work for next 3 years

Based on the findings of a report about belonging in Canada, the national network of Canada’s 191 community foundations, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), has stated it will make belonging a major focus of its work for the next three years.