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Image courtesy of the Springhouse Facebook page.

Seeking the Source of Regenerative Culture: Jenny Finn


Jenny Finn’s life has been an adventure. As a young woman she broke suddenly from addiction. She then found herself on a discovery journey into life-centred ways of interacting with the world.

She says that while we all must consider the context in which we find ourselves, we do not have to rebel or conform. Jenny and her peers have identified and refined a set of five Sourced Design principles to guide us in responding to the world’s current needs and shaping regenerative culture.

As she shares her story in this episode, Jenny speaks to the primacy of direct experience and relational examples, the five principles of Sourced Design, and what life is like as one who answers to a life calling.

Jenny is co-founder of Springhouse Community School in Pilot, Virginia. Springhouse is a multi-generational community of learners courageously exploring the path to regenerative culture.

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