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Recovery Pathways and Clues to Social Renewal: David Patton

This is a fascinating conversation at the intersection of culture, criminology, and recovery.

Dr. David Patton is a criminologist and recovery researcher. Most recently David has been engaged with a Recovery Pathways Research Team coming to grips with the variety of pathways people take on their road to recovery from addiction.



The effects of a culture that dislocates, fragments, and isolates people from themselves and community often manifest in addiction. Already harmed by society, people develop substitute lifestyles around addiction. Conventional approaches to ‘dealing with’ the effects of those lifestyles very often, rather than open a road to recovery, actually pile more harm upon harm.

A patriarchal system promises to fix things, but can’t. Period.

In the meantime, the cultural milieu that creates the original harm, one of power over, domination, and oppression is overdue for revisiting and renewal.

In this episode we work through the questions of how addiction begins, the fact that many of us are addicted to something whether to a substance or not, and the pathways to a new life both for each individual and our culture as a whole.

There seem to be parallels between recovery from addiction and recovery from a culture that does harm. Lessons learned from recovery, and for social renewal, abound in this wonderful conversation.


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