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A ‘North Star of Hope’ for Education and the World

Dr. Lindsey Nicole Godwin reflects on the recent World Positive Education Accelerator

In considering the broad topic of reimagining democracy, the element of education is absolutely vital. “What happens in our school systems is a result of a demand by large systems for numerate and literate workers more than 150 years ago,” writes Axiom News founder and CEO Peter Pula. “That we still educate that way is atrocious. Schools too can to be reimagined and integrated into community life in much richer ways.”

City-building Experience Builds Students’ Confidence

Practical, meaningful skills and new perspectives gleaned on the side of city-building experiment

While the cofounders of a unique city-building effort in Vancouver talk about its big and far-reaching possibilities, two students who took part in it have a lot to say about what it has done for them in small, deep and lingering ways. They say they walked away with a bolstered sense of confidence in themselves, in a certain set of skills and in a particular way of relating to people around them.

What If 1,000s of Undergrads Took Up City Building While in School?

Vancouver one of 7 cities reclaiming education through learning that builds a city

The level of cognitive, energetic and creative surplus that is unleashed when undergrad students are asked to help build their cities has happily astounded Duane Elverum. It’s also swelled his sense of urgency around shaping the conditions to spur this unleashing more and more.

“I feel a vibration. My heart beats faster, my hands start to sweat, when I think about how do we move faster, how do we get this going, how do we put this on the big wheel so to speak,” Duane tells Axiom News.

Seven years ago Duane launched CityStudio Vancouver with his colleague and fellow Simon Fraser University professor, Janet Moore. In very simple terms, the studio matches universities’ capacity with civic needs. Besides activating the unleashing mentioned above, the studio is shrinking the gap between higher learning and municipal government. It also represents a new way of distributing problems.

Turning a Generative Lens on a Transformed School

“They told us it made them stronger:” documentary producer The Gazette Company CEO and president Chuck Peters

A just-released video documentary of the transformation of a once-failing U.K. primary school offers hope not only for our education communities, but also for the way we create the story of any community we care about.

Shifting Education Model Would ‘Change the World’

Sam Chaltain shares strengths of subject-centred, democratic learning environments

The most exciting learning is happening in places where the adults responsible for the school culture are very clear on what they want to equip their children with when they graduate, says Sam Chaltain.

South Africa Citizens Taking Children’s Education into Own Hands

Unique principal/business leader partnerships turn failing schools around

Three years ago, Kannemeyer Primary School in Grassy Park Cape Town South Africa was caught up in a negative, self-defeating spiral. Resentment towards the school was festering as teachers openly condemned each other and gossiped to parents.

What If Education Systems Emphasized More Than Teacher Effectiveness?

Systems thinking creates new thirst for learning

A recent Washington Post article by Finnish education thought leader Pasi Sahlberg questions whether the emphasis American school reformers put on teacher effectiveness is really the best approach to improving student achievement.

21st Century Christian Education Event Provides Eye-Opening Ideas

Conference offered innovative presenters, global networking opportunities

Alex van Donkersgoed says he was invigorated and energized about the opportunities available for Christian educators in Ontario after attending a recent conference.

Dialogue Surfaces Around the Need to Reinvent Education

OACS schools may have long had the answer

In a recent column in the Globe and Mail, columnist Margaret Wente writes about the dated school systems and offers ideas as to what a 21st century education could look like.

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