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Global Media Forum Workshop to Explore Applying Community-building Practices

'We think that local information creation needs to be redefined at a very fundamental level'

Chuck Peters is co-facilitating a June 30 workshop at The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum on applying community-building practices to a news media company that will take a different approach.

What’s Possible When We Connect?

Charles Holmes partners with Axiom News to explore threads of relationships and spaces created by them

Spend a little time with Charles Holmes and you quickly discover the power of connecting and community. He is a messenger between worlds and the bridges he creates are built on relationship.

Unite Rochester Seeks to Effect Positive Change

News organization engaging residents, raising awareness of racial inequities

A “Listening Tour” on racial inequity hosted by the Democrat and Chronicle’s editorial board has engaged more than 150 community members and political leaders, and is beginning to lead to direct changes in the community.

Oakland Voices Empowers Citizen Journalism

Project a win-win for news organization and participants, says co-founder

Community members are being trained to produce news for local news organizations through a program sparked by the desire to see the Oakland Tribune do a better job connecting with the community beyond the pages of the paper.

Why Are News Organizations Exploring Community Engagement?

‘Community engagement is critical to today’s reporting’

While news organizations are rooted in the communities they cover, some are seeing a need to go beyond traditional reporting and intentionally engage and connect with citizens on a new level.

Stories Explore News Organizations’ Community Engagement Efforts

Axiom News takes unique approach to sharing narratives

New stories about an American Society of News Editors (ASNE) and Journalism That Matters (JTM) initiative exploring community engagement in news organizations are now appearing twice a week on the project’s Engagement Hub website.

ASNE, Journalism That Matters Partner in Community Engagement Exploration

Engaging with community is ‘the future of journalism’

The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) and Journalism That Matters (JTM) are partnering in an initiative to develop new ways for journalists to engage with their communities and meet news and information needs.

ENP-CA News Service Launches Inquiry Into Scaling Up Social Enterprise

Initial stories to glean insight from social enterprises experiencing success

While an employee who has a disability derives pride, sense of accomplishment and financial security through daily work at a Cape Breton social enterprise, organizational leaders grapple with questions about the development of their enterprise. Do they build capacity to extend such opportunities to more people who have a disability in the province? Or hone in on optimizing what they offer to existing staff and clients? Is scaling up the answer? And, if so, what does that look like, what supports are available to enable that expansion and what are cautions to keep in mind?

Netherlands Consultants Believe Time is Ripe for Axiom News in their Country

News agency to fuel, build on citizens’ engagement in economic and social transition

Whether it’s technical expertise or small- to medium-sized businesses, the Netherlands holds an abundance of assets that have been in large part unrecognized and unappreciated. Yet it is exactly these “un-glorified” gifts that could ring in the country’s future thriving.

Generative News Makes Visible and Connects Social Tourism Network

Director, ‘believing without seeing,’ pioneers generative news in Belgium

While a network of 1,900 Belgian organizations dedicated to social tourism was already strong, when Marianne Schapmans heard about generative news, her sense of what else might be possible was awakened, she says.