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Peterborough Dialogues Tree Forters Trek Into Community Media Making

Participants share dream for more inclusive, thoughtful narrative art

Tuesday’s tree-fort session emanating from the inaugural Peterborough Dialogues series — a community-building initiative designed and hosted by Axiom News — dared to pose the question of creating an alternative community news media.

Journalists Cultivating the New Emerging Story

Ben Kaplan seeks to actualize possibilities in new urbanism for his hometown

Ben Kaplan is one of a new breed of journalists focused on not only discovering but cultivating the new, emerging story in their local communities.

A Dream for a Generative Media Co-op in Calgary

‘There is a lot of untapped energy and capacity in Calgary to make this happen,’ founder says

From choosing to live in cohousing to investigating how church buildings might become community hubs, Sarah Arthurs’ life and work pulses with the themes of community and innovation.

The Inner Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

It takes time to find your own voice: Griet Bouwen

Since Griet Bouwen chose to leave a stable job to work on her own more than two years ago, she’s been struck with how challenging the inner journey has been for her. More than figuring out business plans or branding, the main struggle has been finding her own voice. But this spring, she feels she’s finally come into her own. In this story she shares what’s worked for her, as well as what she’s still dreaming about.

Creating the Conditions for Vibrant Citizenship to Emerge a Story of Interest

Over the last five or so years Axiom News has been able to interview many people on the broad topic of creating the conditions for people to live out vibrant citizenship in their local communities. Reflecting on our many conversations now, we notice that, despite the diversity of contexts, one multi-pronged theme glows bright: People are recognizing that a sense of kindred connection is the precursor to citizenship that is most alive and generative — and they’re on a discovery journey to come up with new ways of gathering that gives rise to that kindred spirit.

Team Pioneering Calgary News Co-op Pauses to Reflect, Express Gratitude

New model for supporting local, community-based stories that are life-giving, generative is off to a positive start

The New Scoop team recently took time to reflect as well as thank all those who have helped launch the news initiative in Calgary.

Officially live for about 14 weeks, New Scoop has been a rapid experiment in surfacing, supporting and circulating local, community-based stories that are life-giving and generative. Early feedback has been encouraging.

Jumping Off Iowa’s Entrepreneurial Excitement, Journalists Launch Innovative Conversation Series

Team blends community conversations, media-making to heighten possibilities for connection, change and learning

Entrepreneurs may be the new celebrities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, if the buzz that’s surrounding them these days is any indication. An event in November to launch 10 “baby” enterprises that had been carefully nurtured for three months prior drew 900 community members. This is a city that typically only sees that kind of crowd at a college football game or celebrity music concert.

David Cooperrider, Co-Creator of Appreciative Inquiry, Honoured With a Centre in His Name

AI has had deep influence on Generative Journalism as practiced by Axiom News

David Cooperrider, known internationally as a co-creator of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, was honoured in a unique and lasting way this week for his contributions to the field of organizational development, change and leadership. The David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry was officially opened on Nov. 8 at a ceremony at the Stiller School of Business of Champlain College, in Burlington, Vt.

Inspired by the Promise in Generative Journalism

New Scoop founders drawn to news that “catalyzes strengths, enables change”

While a mix of factors is drawing New Scoop’s founding members together, the promise they see in Generative Journalism is a key attractor.

Building Calgary’s Social Economy – One Generative News Story at a Time

New Scoop news co-op invites people to Oct. 3 engagement event

Can a new approach to news help build Calgary’s social economy? As someone deeply engaged in the area of social entrepreneurship, Mark Durieux sees tremendous possibility for this.