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News Triggers Ideas-Sharing Between Long-Term Care Homes

OMNI home now using engaging hand-washing station at front entrance

It was a story in the OMNIway about long-term care home Almonte Country Haven using a state-of-the art hand-washing station at its front entrance that prompted sister home Rosebridge Manor to follow suit.

Axiom News Launches Investigation into What Residents Want

Second generative journey on enriching end-of-life experiences

Axiom News is embarking on two new generative journeys of discovery with OMNI Health Care, focusing on inspiring more engagement and results through the stakeholder news program.

The first journey will explore what residents want while identifying what tools are already at their disposal to create the social environments they’d like to contribute to in their local long-term care communities.

E-journalism seeks to educate, engage and empower

Loyalist College professor explains how online technology transforms journalism

Rob Washburn says e-journalism allows reporters to utilize the tools of the Internet and is the next wave of how to tell the news.