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Stories Enshrine Memories for Future Generations

A veteran considers the importance of sharing stories

NORWOOD, Ont. — At long-term care home Pleasant Meadow Manor, Art Nicholls, a veteran who manned the guns on the big planes at the end of the Second World War with England ’s Royal Air Force, prepared to pay his respects on Remembrance Day.

New OLTCA Story Series Recognizing People’s Creativity

Ryan Rogers says stories can help association meet its objectives

Walk into Baycliffe Lodge on a Tuesday morning, and you’d learn things are a little different. Before breakfast, the Ajax long-term care home starts its day with piano playing, singing and dancing.

A Story of Sorrow Spreading to Let Regret Rest

A Canadian veteran in long-term care, and his memories of a fallen soldier

The story Douglas Martin shares about his memories of a young soldier who succumbed to wounds suffered at the hands of German soldiers on an Italian beachhead in 1944 is one of regret.

Knowledge Exchange in the Social Inclusion Movement

Threading together best practices in employment supports

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is a leadership organization that promotes the concepts of social and economic inclusion, and a key priority is identifying both challenges and best practices in the sector and sharing that knowledge across the country.

Storytelling: a ‘Foundation’ of Communication

Top employer discusses role of news service

In early October, OMNI Health Care was named one of Canada ’s Top 100 Employers by Mediacorp Canada in its annual rankings, and the organization scored top marks in both the work atmosphere and communication and employee engagement categories.

Schlegel Villages Homes Compile Brag Books

Success stories are part of accreditation review

In preparation for accreditation at the Village of Erin Meadows, a long-term care and retirement home in Mississauga, Ont., recreation director Sami Kermani wanted to compile the successes and accomplishments of the home in an easy to access “brag book.”

Acknowledging the Great Work of Ontario Caregivers

Stories help spread successes during Long-Term Care Week

Across Ontario, families, residents and staff members in the long-term care sector have been celebrating Long Term Care Week, and part of the celebration involves sharing the stories that come out of the sector every day.

Three Tools for Creating a Narrative of Possibility

Peggy Holman speaks to power of journalism, conversations and context

While there will always be problems to solved and challenges to be handled, Peggy Holman says she believes the more of us approaching them from a possibility orientation, the more equipped we are as a society to deal with them in compassionate, creative and wise ways.

BCCA Introduces Youth to Co-ops Using Stories

BCCA Introduces Youth to Co-ops Using Stories

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA) is launching a project to introduce young people to the co-operative movement through stories.

Create a Narrative of Possibility by Adding a New Question: Peggy Holman

Journalists are well-positioned to lead this change, says thought leader

Peggy Holman has seen first-hand how adding a new question to the five traditionally asked by journalists can spark new energy and a different direction, and it’s this question, she’s proposing, that can help all of us, journalists or not, create a new narrative of possibility.