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SVN Launches Story Initiative

Partnership with Axiom News to demonstrate what’s possible when market forces are used for social change

The Social Venture Network (SVN) is partnering with Axiom News to launch a stakeholder news program that engages and shares the stories of its members, some of the world's most innovative social entrepreneurs, impact investors and business leaders.

Social Media Innovation Day to Advance #Inclusion

13 different organizations who support people who have a disability attending day’s events

What’s a hashtag? Well, if you’re attending an upcoming social media workshop to advance the inclusion of people who have a disability, it’s not only a valid question but a tagline that will allow you to follow the events remotely via Twitter.

Axiom News Journalist Invited to Judge Social Business Competition

Camille Jensen to review student plans for creating employment opportunities in Haiti

Last fall Axiom News journalist Camille Jensen was invited by David Stephens, special advisor to Muhammad Yunus, to attend a university social business competition in Atlanta where she had the opportunity to interview Yunus, a Nobel laureate and renowned social business leader in person.

News Articles Offer Motivation to ‘Pay it Forward’

Daughter gains a pen pal thanks to inspiring story in Insights

Stories of great philanthropic effort have the power to motivate and inspire readers, and that’s exactly what happened with human resources manager Christine Babic from Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls Inc., (BLJC) when she read an article on the company’s internal news program Insights.

Advance Strategic and Communication Goals with Curation

Leading social media expert Beth Kanter shares why curation is essential for organizations

The Internet is awash with information, but getting good, credible and timely information around a subject matter is not as simple as a Google search. It’s for this reason and others that social media expert Beth Kanter says 2012 will be the year content curation goes from a unknown term to the mainstream.

Axiom to Host World Appreciative Inquiry Conference Workshop

Peter Pula to lead session on co-creating a life-giving news network

Axiom News’ proposal to present a workshop at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC) on Co-Creating A Life-Giving News Network has been accepted.

Stakeholder News Program Continues to Evolve at OMNI Health Care

Exploring the energies and anxieties is the theme of extensive new project

A meeting yesterday between CEOs from OMNI Health Care and Axiom News is the most recent evidence of the organic evolution of the long-standing relationship between the two organizations.

Pulling Social Media into Crisis Management Plan?

Multiple benefits foreseen from application, including more effective response, enhanced brand

If a major crisis occurred within or affected an organization, how could it use social media enhance its response and possibly even its brand in the process?

Social Media and the Culture Change Conversation

‘The key to changing culture is to talk about culture’

About four years ago, Kavan Peterson began working with Dr. Bill Thomas on the platform,, where news and opinions related to the changing culture of aging are aggregated and shared.

Director of Sales and Marketing Says Stories Demonstrate Corporate Values in Action

‘I want to work for a company that has the same mission and values as I do’

When director of sales and marketing Julie Matthews returned to Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls Inc. (BLJC) in December 2011 after a six-year hiatus, she says it felt like she was “coming home.”