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Diverse Worldviews Aside, Who Wants to Join in Co-creating a New Future?

Initiative to accelerate and bloom Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts lands on clarifying question

As things continue to move forward around accelerating and blooming Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts, a conversation amongst a core team yesterday ran into the prickly question of how much energy to put into engaging those with diverse worldviews.

Renewed Hope for Journalism Creates Shifts

Gathering centred on how communities, journalists can thrive together igniting new connections, possibilities

An energy for discovering and bringing to life journalism’s deeper promise is still pulsing days after a gathering in Portland, Oregon, inspiring participants to new connections and possibilities.

“My hope has been renewed,” says Renee Mitchell, admitting she had long bought into the pessimist view that journalism was basically a dying industry, gasping for its last breath, which "deeply saddened her."

“But I now recognize that what is bubbling up in the void between what was and what is coming is not new journalism but next journalism, where the possibilities are endless on how to use technology to tell stories that build, empower and inspire community. That's what’s so exciting for me."

Calgary’s Generative Journalism Co-op Continues to Draw Interest, Support

Possibilities for impact highlighted through co-housing success

The willingness of half a dozen people to join the New Scoop interim board is one indication of the appetite for an alternative news platform in Calgary.

Going Out on a Limb for a Generative Story

Playfulness and co-creating our community’s new narrative

Co-creating our community’s new narrative should have some element of playfulness. That’s the energy that’s swirling after a number of Axiom News team members participated in some artful, fun and serious community gatherings this past week — and gamely tried a few new and playful things in the process.

Circle Bonds in First Call for Adventure into New Narrative Arts

Leaders in media, community building ask what they can give each other

A bonding began to occur within a circle convened by Axiom News founder and CEO Peter Pula in a call last week. The intent of the gathering was to explore the possibilities in sparking a cross-community alliance for a local, living new narrative.

Community News Agenda Takes Shape

Open Space circle reveals passions of Peterborough Dialogues media makers

Story ideas shimmered, like diamonds in the rough, within a recent Open Space circle for the Peterborough Dialogues media site.

A Season of Growth for Peterborough Dialogues

Deepening roots suggest abundant possibilities for fall

Autumn is harvest time, and the Peterborough Dialogues has been growing deeper and stronger roots for community building and learning.

Honouring the Great Mystery that can Heal the Soul

‘You can’t have a movement without music,’ singer and social activist says

Diem Lafortune feels like her life is just starting, listening to her deepest inner voice following a journey of healing to tell stories through her music with stark honesty and heart.

Seeding a Better Future Through Media-Making

Six themes are emerging for

The media-making plans of the Peterborough Dialogues — a community experience planted in a blend of possibility-oriented dialogue and media making — are swirling into clear focus. Weekly gatherings centred on the media making have surfaced six core themes for the ongoing work.

Dialogic Organizational Development and What Else is Possible

Holding a field for change over time through dialogue and media-making

What are the underlying processes that result in transformational change? In a recent webinar, authors Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak offer a new way to think about the answer to that question through the lens of dialogic organizational development.