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New Brunswick Grassroots Join Together to Change Culture of Aging

Effort yields surprising outcomes as unlikely partners show their support

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association isn’t an organization that one would necessarily expect to join a province-wide effort to improve the culture of aging, but that’s what’s happened.

Living a More Sustainable, Quality Life

Technology and a changing social view are game changers: Jeremy Rifkin

Can the developed world live a more sustainable, quality life, which can help to address the environmental and economic crises facing the planet?

Mapping the Shift to 'Local Government 3.0'

Changes underway at City Hall are the biggest in decades

Local government in Canada is in its most significant period of change since the post-war years.

Editorial ‘Listening Tours’ Engage Community in Creating Change

‘I don’t know if we can ever declare victory, but the train has left the station’

When the editorial board at the Democrat and Chronicle embarked on hosting “listening tours” — encouraging readers to attend various meetings and discuss community issues related to race and poverty — initially only a handful of people showed up.

Creative Placemaking Pioneer Shares Insights on Scaling Up and Out

Artscape Toronto anticipates launching affiliate organizations

Since 1986, Artscape Toronto has helped to stimulate some of Toronto's most creative and vibrant neighbourhoods with innovative community assets and cultural hubs. Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park and Artscape Wychwood Barns are two widely-known examples.

Flood Mitigation Project Inspires Deep Community Engagement

Team breaks through barriers of flood aftermath in Black Diamond, Alta.

When Meghan Aebig was in Black Diamond, Alta. to support flood recovery and mitigation work last fall she stepped into a coffee shop — and an awkward moment. In line before Meghan, a patron was sharing concerns that the “new engineer” she was about to meet wasn’t going be able to help her.

Newspaper and Coalition Bringing Information, Energy to Racial Equity

‘We are having the kinds of conversations that we dreamed of having’

When Kate Bennett was on the golf course last week, a woman asked what she can do to help Rochester’s effort to create awareness and positive dialogue around racial inequity.

Massive, Main Street Photo Exhibit ‘Shifts Feelings’ in Alberta Community

Art, community conversations building resilience of remote village

The Village of Delburne, located halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta provides a model for communities looking to engage residents in setting priorities and making decisions on what matters.

Diversity Front and Center at The Seattle Times

Newspaper gains sense of being the hub of the community

Keeping diversity of its staff and content front and center in discussions has helped The Seattle Times create more of a sense of “the newspaper as a hub of the community rather than a fortress,” says David Boardman, the paper’s past executive editor.

Global Media Forum Workshop a Unique Community-building Exercise

'Everyone in the workshop was simultaneously a student and a teacher’

A workshop on news organizations as participants in community-building modelled its own message at the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany last week, by facilitating small group discussions that created deep connections amongst participants.


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