News Triggers Ideas-Sharing Between Long-Term Care Homes

News Triggers Ideas-Sharing Between Long-Term Care Homes

OMNI home now using engaging hand-washing station at front entrance

It was a story in the OMNIway about long-term care home Almonte Country Haven using a state-of-the art hand-washing station at its front entrance that prompted sister home Rosebridge Manor to follow suit.  

In January, clinical care co-ordinator Marg Scissons-Leaver and director of care Diane Tappin were poring through the OMNIway, OMNI Health Care’s news website, when they saw a story about the Almonte home utilizing a custom-designed sanitizer dispenser to enhance infection control practices.  

“It was in the OMNIway and we thought (the hand sanitizer) would be a great idea for here,” says Scissons-Leaver.

Not long after, Tappin was visiting Almonte Country Haven when she saw the dispenser first-hand. After Tappin learned more about the device from Almonte director of care Mona Williams she and Scissons-Leaver decided to get one for their home.

The station, which was designed by St. Jerome, Que.-based medical accessory company Medic Access, is more than six feet tall and resembles a stop sign, with the familiar red octagon at the top outlining six steps people need to follow if they’re at the home during an outbreak.

Given the dispenser’s size and appearance, Tappin says she’s hoping to see an increased number of people washing their hands, resulting in a decreased infection.

“We hope this encourages hand-washing and stops people from carrying (infections) in or out of the home,” she says.

The signs include a sanitizer dispenser with another stop sign attached reading “Thank You For Washing Your Hands Upon Entering and Leaving.” Masks and gloves are also available at the station.

Infection control is a major issue in long-term care homes. In the effort to keep residents healthy and illness free, homes diligently work to enhance proper hand-washing practices.

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