Michelle Strutzenberger

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After more than a decade of shaping what we’ve come to call Generative Journalism, something new is clearly calling to be born. The energy here at Axiom News is a swirl of that excitement and anxiety that characterizes any kind of birthing.

Peter Pula

Appreciative Inquiry has left its mark at Axiom News — and so has David Cooperrider personally
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The first time I met David Cooperrider I shared how Appreciative Inquiry helped us understand why Generative Journalism was creating constructive change for our clients, and how it deepened our practice. We’ve been framing our inquires and stories with the help of AI for over 10 years.

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Talking Start-up Shop
What’s possible when journalists host future-focused conversations with members of their local start-up community? That’s what team members with the Iowa media firm, The Gazette Company, are poised to discover.
Team blends community conversations, media-making to heighten possibilities for connection, change and learning

Entrepreneurs may be the new celebrities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, if the buzz that’s surrounding them these days is any indication. An event in November to launch 10 “baby” enterprises that had been carefully nurtured for three months prior drew 900 community members. This is a city that typically only sees that kind of crowd at a college football game or celebrity music concert.