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After more than a decade of shaping what we’ve come to call Generative Journalism, something new is clearly calling to be born. The energy here at Axiom News is a swirl of that excitement and anxiety that characterizes any kind of birthing.

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Appreciative Inquiry has left its mark at Axiom News — and so has David Cooperrider personally
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The first time I met David Cooperrider I shared how Appreciative Inquiry helped us understand why Generative Journalism was creating constructive change for our clients, and how it deepened our practice. We’ve been framing our inquires and stories with the help of AI for over 10 years.

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A Place to Elevate, Magnify and Bring Our Highest Human Strengths

David Cooperrider and his colleague and collaborator Lindsey Godwin of the Stiller School of Business at the Nov. 8 opening of the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry. (Photo: Stephen Mease)

AI has had deep influence on Generative Journalism as practiced by Axiom News

David Cooperrider, known internationally as a co-creator of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, was honoured in a unique and lasting way this week for his contributions to the field of organizational development, change and leadership. The David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry was officially opened on Nov. 8 at a ceremony at the Stiller School of Business of Champlain College, in Burlington, Vt.