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One of the unique qualities Axiom News brings to our clients is the ability to identify common shared goals between very different organizations.

I experienced this recently when Epilepsy Ontario executive director Rozalyn Werner-Arcé asked if I could help her organization engage Ontario’s long-term care community in a survey they’re conducting on nursing-home managers’ familiarity with seizure disorders.

Key questions in the 10-minute online survey are straightforward: How prevalent is epilepsy in the province’s long-term care home population, and do home managers know where to turn if they need information or education about epilepsy.

The information from the survey will help Epilepsy Ontario and community epilepsy agencies better understand the needs of residents and staff members, and assist homes in finding needed resources.

Rozalyn was aware that Axiom News works with several long-term care clients, and asked if I could connect her with the organizations whose websites and newsletters we write for, which include Peterborough-based OMNI Health Care, the Sarnia-based Steeves & Rozema Group and the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA), which represents more than 400 long-term care homes in the province.

Introductions were made and OMNI, Steeves & Rozema and the OLTCA have agreed to participate in the survey. In fact they were all eager to learn from the survey results, because the process of engaging long-term care homes also has potential to provide value to the organizations’ leadership to the enhance the quality of their care.

OMNI president and CEO Patrick McCarthy told me his organization is looking forward to seeing the information Epilepsy Ontario captures from the survey so OMNI can enhance quality care to its residents living with a seizure disorder.

Five per cent of residents living in Steeves & Rozema’s seven long-term care homes have some type of seizure disorder, five times the number of Canadians living with a seizure disorder represented in the general population.

Given the prevalence of seizure disorders, Steeves & Rozema is eager to help Epilepsy Ontario. Jane Zoeger, the company’s vice-president of long-term care, says the survey comes at a time when Steeves & Rozema and other long-term care providers are seeing an increase in complex-care issues in the resident population.

The lesson I learned from this experience is the value our team brings to our clients as connectors. The question I ask myself is what other opportunities are out there?

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Deron joined Axiom News in March 2007, having previously worked as a news reporter for print, online and wire services. He serves as Axiom News’ long-term care pod lead, after several years of writing stories and editorials for our clients in that sector. An award-winning advocacy journalist, Deron has seen first-hand the strengths long-term care brings to the greater health-care sector and through his work he seeks to share successes and best practices.

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One of the unique qualities Axiom News brings to our clients is the ability to identify common shared goals between very different organizations.

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