Axiom Journalist Deron Hamel Awarded for Inclusive Reporting

Axiom Journalist Deron Hamel Awarded for Inclusive Reporting

Deron shares message of people’s community contributions, says Community Living Peterborough CEO

Axiom News generative journalist Deron Hamel is the recipient of this year’s Community Living Peterborough Media Award of Excellence, recognizing the important role media plays in highlighting the agency’s role in the community.

The award is given to someone who champions the full inclusion of people who have an intellectual disability and shares the values and principles of Community Living Peterborough. It recognizes the media’s role in dispelling myths about disability and promoting the leadership of people in community. 

  Deron Hamel

Deron, who was nominated for the award the past two years, says he was “extremely happy” and also surprised to hear he won this year.

Peterborough-based Axiom News is contracted by Community Living Ontario, the provincial organization that represents 117 local Community Living agencies, to provide their organizational news program called Community Living Leaders.

Deron says he’s built a good rapport with Community Living Peterborough during the past five years, and notes the agency often comes to him with story ideas to highlight what support workers and people who access services are doing.

Community Living Peterborough CEO Jack Gillan says part of the organization’s corporate goal is to ensure the community is well aware of the capacity of people to be active, contributing citizens in the city.

“One of the ways in which we’ve used to get that message out is through Axiom News and Community Living Leaders, and Deron has been one of our champions at getting that message out,” Jack tells Axiom News.

“He clearly understands that it is important to make the message clear and concise and to grab people to ensure that they are paying attention to the message of people’s ability to contribute.”

When asked about his favourite Community Living Peterborough story, Deron recalls one from a few years ago featuring the People First Peterborough chapter on the word “disability.” The members interviewed preferred the word “challenges” to “disability.” Because of the story, Community Living West Northumberland got in contact with the People First group.

Deron says “it starts with language” when it comes to how the media reports on disability. He frequently sees the media refer to “disabled people” or “autistic children,” rather than using person-first language that is promoted in the Canadian Press Stylebook.

Deron will be receiving his award during a ceremony on June 6. 

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