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People have been harmed by the society they grew up in.

Having been harmed by the society we grew up in, many of us take on roles that do not reflect who really are. We live ‘lives outside of ourselves.’

Organizations work a certain way. Organizations home in on their mission. They focus on what they know. That means a great deal is left outside.

So, there is huge opportunity in the space between them.

Ken Victor is an essayist and poet who hails from Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. He ‘opened a crack that let the darkness in’ when he convened a small circle of compatriots called the We’re F’d Club (WFC). His arguments are reminiscent of Meg Wheatley’s, “It’s not hope we need, but clarity,” and Cormac Russell’s, “things aren’t getting worse, they’re getting clearer.” Ken goes a little further and asks, “if we accept that humanity is terminal, what are we here to save?” Does hope, false hope, stop us in our tracks, when we could instead turn to palliative care practices as a guide to living well while there is still time?